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Drudgery + Review your credit card statement = Worth it

I am disciplined in many things… but one of them I’ve been slacking on consistently for years is reviewing my credit card statements. Sure, I’ll take a look at them occasionally, especially if the balance seems high. But for most months, the number is roughly the same. So I just pay the balance. But last […]

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

There have been plenty of times in my life when I’ve felt overwhelmed. The good news is that I’ve been in a pretty good place for the past few months. The reason I’m writing about this is that I’ve had people tell me recently that they’re stressed out and feeling a bit overwhelmed. And not […]

LinkedIn Training for City Union Mission

By Jason Terry, talking about donating LinkedIn training to the staff at City Union Mission. I’m not writing this story to promote Blue Gurus. I ‘m writing this post to promote City Union Mission. We’ve been friends with City Union Mission for more than a decade. My wife and I personally support them on a […]