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Business IS Personal

January 3, 2024 / in Brain Food / by

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Hello friends! Happy New Year!

In this video, I wanted to do a Brain Food about the way I do business. And I bet you view your business relationships the same way I do. But this might be a great reminder as your start 2024 on how to strengthen relationships with prospects and clients.

Most people have heard the phrase, “Don’t take it personally, it’s just business.” I have never liked that line and I definitely don’t believe it’s the way to treat anyone you are doing business with. I could have talked for a couple of hours about this topic with real world examples. But nobody would have the attention span. :)

I broke this video into three areas:

  • Personal relationship before the sale
  • Personal relationship while they are a client
  • Personal relationship if/when they stop doing business with you

So grab a cup of coffee and watch this video that I poured an hour and a half into, hoping that you would find a nugget of truth or something of value that you can use. And if I deliver (or not), please let me know in the comments. Appreciate you! Thanks for being on this journey with me.

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