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Checklists in Google Docs

January 19, 2024 / in How To, Information Technology / by

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Hello friends! This week is a quick Tech Tip about Checklists in Google Docs. Why? Because I used to be doing those manually FOR YEARS until Kathryn, my friend and client, pointed out that I should use the checklist functionality built right into Google Docs. You should have seen my face when she showed me what she was talking about.

It’s a lot easier to show you in a video than to write all the words to describe the situation. And as a bonus, you get to see me getting a great reminder that there is always something new to learn. Just because you have always done something a certain way doesn’t mean there isn’t a MUCH EASIER WAY.

Let me know what you think! And if you have any ideas for a future Tech Tip, Marketing or Brain Food video, I would love to hear it. If I use it, I will let everyone know! :) Appreciate you being on this journey with me.

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