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ATFSO – The Ability To Figure Stuff Out

March 5, 2024 / in Brain Food / by

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Hello friends! The inspiration for my Brain Food this week was from a recent Entrepreneurs Alliance board meeting. We were talking about hiring good people and some of the best practices companies use during the interview process. My friend Tim Sernett said, “We look for people with ATFSO. The Ability To Figure Stuff Out.” I knew right then that I had heard a Golden Nugget. :)

You know I like to joke around. So my immediate response was, “Did you just call me FATSO?!?!?”

I hope you will take the 5 minutes to watch the video. But if you prefer a quick read, the basic concept is that it is so important to foster an environment where people try to figure things out on their own a bit before coming to you or their peers for help. And it is something you can discern during the hiring process if you ask a few simple questions.

For more about this, examples, stories and more, go ahead and click play. And please let me know in the comments if you have any hiring best practices that you like to use to make sure you are offering jobs to the best candidates. I hope you are having a great week!

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