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It’s time to update your headshot on LinkedIn and your phone.

January 12, 2024 / in How To, Marketing / by

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Hello friends! This week’s marketing video is a Public Service Announcement to update your headshot on LinkedIn and on your phone to kick off 2024 properly. Why? Because most people don’t update their photo for years and sometimes need this kind of reminder to get it done.

Photo on LinkedIn

In the video, I tell you the steps to follow to update your headshot photo on LinkedIn. It’s quick and easy.

Photo on your phone

In the video I also share my mobile phone screen and show you exactly how to update your photo in My Card on the iPhone. This photo is shared with the people you choose (mine is set to my contacts). Next time you call them, it will let them know there is an updated photo available. If they choose to update their contact record for you, then they will see that photo from then on when you call them.


Now that you’ve heard this PSA, you might agree that it’s time to update your photo socially. From a marketing perspective, this is a good idea. If so, I encourage you to do it right away… like today. Or this week. Otherwise, you will move on and do nothing about it until someone else points out that your photo is odd because it looks like a high school prom picture with your date cut out of it. :) Or you might have salt and pepper hair now instead of brown hair (that’s me.)

Thanks as always for reading and watching my video. I REALLY appreciate it! And I hope this was a great PSA for you. If you agree, consider sharing it with someone else that should update THEIR photo!

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