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Royalty free music for your video soundtrack? FreePD.com to the rescue!

September 13, 2018 / in How To, Video / by

In a previous blog post, I talked about royalty free images for your blog posts under the CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) licensing agreement. In other words, images that are totally free to use as you want, even commercially.

And in another recent blog post, I talked about the DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone taking some cool aerial footage. But if you watch the video, there’s no sound. It’s because I didn’t have any music I could add to the video without worrying about copyright issues.

The only thing missing was the sound!

FreePD.com for Royalty Free Audio FilesSo now I have great photos and video footage, but when I try to create any kind of cool video with this media, I have to worry about copyright issues for the sound.

The right music really enhances a video. So I decided to do a Google search for “CC0 free music” and found a website called FreePD.com. This site has over 850 MP3 files that you can download to use as music tracks in your videos. And there are some really good tracks in the collection. For a $10 donation, you can download ALL of the files, almost 5 Gigs worth of music. The site is operated by Kevin MacLeod, and the majority of the music is his original work.

So I went ahead and donated $10 and downloaded everything. And then I got the following personal message from Kevin that was a reply to the PayPal transaction:

Thank you very much! Cheers.
– km

I responded to Kevin with, “Kevin, thanks for the quick note. I was looking for CC0 music for some family trip video work I am going to be doing. LOVE what you are doing… labor of love I am sure. I can’t imagine the amount of time you have invested in your work and making it available to people like me. Thanks again.”

And his reply:

Woohoo! You are literally the first person to thank me for putting up CC0 music. :-) That’s awesome. Tell your friends about it!

Which is exactly what I’m doing right now. And the best thing? I can even include a few of the tracks here for you to listen to. I can use them commercially on the Blue Gurus website, or in a personal video I put together about a recent trip. It doesn’t matter, because the music is all protected with the CC0 license.

So thanks to Kevin MacLeod and his FreePD.com website for the following tracks:

Ukulele Song (this would be great for a Caribbean vacation video)

Inspiration (I can see my drone taking off)

Happy Whistling Ukulele (reminds me of a cleaning detergent commercial?)

Stereotype News

City Sunshine

And if you are reading this in our email newsletter and can’t see the audio tracks, be sure to click here to go to the actual blog post in your browser to play the audio files. Enjoy!

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