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Blog Series, Part 4: Blog Training & Coaching [VIDEO]

May 22, 2013 / in Blogging, Content Marketing, General Information, Social Media / by

Post written by Jason Terry, Entrepreneur | Social Coach | Web Developer | Scuba Instructor | Guitar Player | Cruise Traveler | Lego Collector


Have you seen this video before?  We added it to the Blog Training & Coaching page of our web site recently.

This is the fourth and final post in a blog series highlighting the videos we’ve done for our web site. We’ve gotten great feedback on the previous posts in this series:
Blog Series, Part 1: Why We Added Video To Our Web Site
Blog Series, Part 2: WordPress Web Development
Blog Series, Part 3: LinkedIn Training

We hope our stories around how it all came together inspire you or your company to start thinking seriously about how video can enhance your online presence and help your business grow!

What It Took To Create This Video

In this video, we talk about why you and your company should be blogging and how we help our clients get this done on a weekly basis.  Blogging is one of our favorite things to do because it hits one of our passions… corporate culture. 

This video was the easiest of the series to create because the topic is the core focus of our business.  You can tell when you watch it that there is no doubt in our minds that blogging is an essential part of any sales and marketing strategy for a successful company.  This was the last video we captured, and it really only needed one take with a couple of repeats.  It felt great to have finished our videos and knew that Mike Snell would do a great job of editing them into 2 minute-ish videos we could put on our services pages.

Why Blogging?

It is hard to summarize all the benefits your will see when you commit to blogging on a weekly basis.  Here are some highlights:

Communicate with your team
How often does your company talk about what is going on?  Current client successes and challenges?  Do your team members even know each other that well? 

By blogging, everyone on your team will have better visibility into what is going on at your company.  Also, it is a good idea to have an internal team of people that contribute to the blog, and they really get to know each other during the process.

Communicate with your clients like never before. 
I bet you don’t talk to your clients enough.  We see this all over the city….so odds are that is a true statement.  When you start blogging, it takes awhile for them to realize that you are talking.  Even so, they will start to see you more over time. 

And every once in a while they will click on your story (as long as the subject is interesting and helpful!)  It’s an opportunity for them to get to know you, your company, the kinds of things you help your clients with, and more.

Communication with your prospects before you even know them. 
When you consider working with a new company for a product or service, what do you do?  Go to the company website?  Go to the sales rep’s LinkedIn page?  Hopefully the answer is yes to both… if not, you really should be. 

Imagine the difference in the initial reaction if they get to the home page of your website and see current stories for the past 4-5 weeks versus a canned, static page?  I promise you it makes a big difference.  The same is true for your team’s LinkedIn profiles. 

Whether it is the President’s profile or a sales rep’s profile, I will be much more impressed with an active profile vs. a static one….ESPECIALLY if I’m comparing a couple of different companies offering the same services!

Staying top of mind with your best referral sources. 
If you have a successful business, you have a bunch of friends out there.  Rarely is a business profitable in a vacuum.  The people that you are making happy, or have made happy in the past, are your best source for word of mouth referrals.  The vast majority of our clients grow their businesses through word of mouth referrals.

If that’s true for you, I hope you are investing time and energy in cultivating those relationships.  Telling stories through your blog on a weekly basis is one of the most efficient ways to stay top of mind with all the people that care about you and the success of your company.

Those four points are just the beginning.  And they touch almost every aspect of your business.  If you aren’t intrigued yet, then you must be independently wealthy and don’t need any new business.  If not, I hope you will consider blogging for your business.  Done properly, it will have a positive impact on your company…especially to the bottom line.  If you need help, be sure to give us a call!

Thank you so much for reading and commenting…  We appreciate you!

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