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2020 Bucket List and My First Photography Project Photos!

August 19, 2020 / in General Information / by

Hello friends! In my story last week I asked for feedback on what I could write about this week. My friend Anne Rauth replied with the following:

I would like to hear 5 things on your bucket list to finish out 2020. And I would love for you to do a vitamin drive for the patients of Mercy and Truth. Especially the refugees.

Thanks for that direction Anne. As promised, I’m putting you up in lights this week for giving me a great idea for my blog post. (If you have an idea for a future blog post, please let me know!)

Why did I like that concept so much? Because we should all have some measurable goals for ourselves in 2020. I want to look back at this list at the end of the year and see how I did. Do you have a personal and professional bucket list for 2020?

Jason’s 2020 Bucket List

  1. Finish the Photography Class I’m taking through Coursera.
  2. Create 10 new Blue Gurus YouTube videos by the end of the year.
  3. Lose 20 pounds. Thanks Covid.
    (Not phoning this one in. Inspired by my friend David Strickland and his 2020 weight loss journey. He’s a beast.)
  4. Finish setting up and organizing my desk and studio.
    (I’ve been procrastinating for 3 months. There is always something more important to do.)
  5. Lead a Vitamin Drive for the patients of Mercy and Truth.
    (Planning on doing this later this year because I’m currently wrapping up a book drive for KCSL.)

My First Photo Project

I started a photography class affiliated with Michigan State University in April. It’s a six month program that ends with a Capstone Photography project. I am getting close to submitting my final portfolio and thought I would show you what I’ve been working on. (I’m putting myself out there a bit sharing these photos… please be gentle if you think they suck.)

A brief introduction to this photo project:

These photos are landscape documentary photos of construction sites near my house in Lenexa, Kansas. We’re stuck in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I wanted to share a positive perspective. Growth in spite of the pandemic.

I’ve chosen to focus in closely on an important subject in each photo. A traffic cone. A refuse bin. A pallet of bricks. And I’m using this primary subject to compose each shot. The rest of the photograph is intentionally taken with shallow depth of field. I wanted to keep you, the viewer, focused on the colors, textures and shapes of the primary subject, but also want that subject to be connected visually to the rest of the construction site.

I created this work to document what is happening geographically around my home during the pandemic. These photographs will be interesting to look back on a year or two from now when these construction projects are finished.

Here are the ten photos I will be submitting.

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