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3+ Things You Might Want to Know.

August 11, 2020 / in Business Recommendations, Community Service, Gadgets, General Information / by

3+ Things You Might Want To Know

Hello friends! Quick book drive update… I’ve had more than 15 people step up to donate and we are sitting at a little over 300 books as of 8/11/20. I am doing the book drive until Friday, 8/15. If you want to get involved in providing books for kids, go here. (Yes, this counts as one of the 3+ things you might want to know about!)

One of the questions I’m asked often from companies that are thinking about blogging is this: What the heck should we write about? And my answer is usually the same. Talk about your people, your clients, and your community. (And occasionally something about your products and services.) The trick is to do it often enough to be remembered. (This is definitely something you should want to know about for your business and your network of relationships.)

And there are times when so many things are kicking around in my brain that I choose a few of them to put in my weekly blog post. This is one of those weeks. So here we go!

1. Referral – Just Right Guttering

I absolutely love connecting people and companies. We recently needed to replace our gutters. I normally have ZERO problem getting a qualified referral from clients, friends and family. But in this case, I couldn’t find anyone REALLY happy with a gutter company they would be willing to recommend.

So I did my research on Google and found Just Right Guttering. They have 38 reviews on Google and an average 5 out of 5 stars. That really got my attention. I called them, set up a time to get a quote and agreed to give them my business. They were on time. Had the right colors that I had picked. And they communicated well leading up to the project.

So if you need new gutters, give Andrew and John a call at Just Right Guttering. They’re a veteran owned and family run business. I’m a fan.

2. Technology – Lume Video Conferencing Kit

In the early days of the pandemic, one of the common discussions was around lighting for video conference calls. Lume makes a bunch of great lighting products, and one in particular might be just the ticket to improve your next Zoom call.

Even better… it’s currently on sale for $69.

This kit comes with a Lume Panel Mini LED light and a white silicone diffuser. (A diffuser fits over the LED light and softens it before it slams into your face.) It also comes with a suction mount for the back of your laptop. This lighting kit will help you at home, in your office or on the go. If you have a window at your back or you’re in a dark area, this light will really improve how you look on video calls.

3. Enterprise University is Open for Enrollment

I’m one of the presenters for Enterprise University. If you haven’t heard of EU, it’s an excellent resource for learning new things. Classes are taught by subject matter experts covering topics ranging from marketing, human resources, finance and more to help advance both your career and your business.

Since the pandemic, EU has moved their classes to a 90-minute online format. I am presenting two classes during the Fall semester; one on LinkedIn and one on Blogging. If you’re interested in attending either of my classes, or a different subject that interests you, learn more and register here.

And that’s it for this week!

Okay, one more quick tip… if you’re considering going electric for your lawn equipment, check out the EGO line of products at Home Depot and Ace Hardware. The new EGO Select Cut 21″ Lawn Mower is amazing.

I hope at least one of these things was something you wanted to know! If not, then shoot me a question about something you DO want to know about. If I do a blog on your topic, I will put your name up in lights. High fives!

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