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We do it because we love you. And we need your feedback!

February 15, 2016 / in Blogging / by

Written by Jason Terry

LoveI’m writing this on a Monday, the day after Valentine’s day. And I was thinking about you. Yes you. You’re my friend, or my client, or a family member, or my wife. You’re someone who cares about Mic and me and you want to see us succeed. I can’t thank you enough for being an active part of our world.

And that’s exactly why we spend time every week writing passionately on our blog, just for you. We try to create a story that will make you think. Laugh. Maybe even cry. Or teach you something new. It’s the best way to let you know what’s going on in our world and what we care about at the moment. And the hope is, because we care about it so much, you will too.

We need your feedback!

It would really help us to know where we should continue focusing our stories. Do you want LinkedIn and blogging tips? Do you like the motivational life stories we tell like trying to get away from people that suck and that you’ve got to keep watering? Do you like the technical tips and how-to instructions? Do you want to hear more stories about our clients and how we’ve helped them succeed? What about the not-for-profits we adopt, donate consulting time to and organize toilet paper drives for?

And I’m sure there are things we haven’t talked about or don’t talk about as often. Social media etiquette? Business 101: Things to avoid so you don’t screw up your reputation and brand? Business recommendations?

If you have a minute, please get back to me about what you would like to see from us so that we can make what we share even more relevant for you this year.

And be honest. Like our friend Mike Kelly was about the format of our email newsletter. If you noticed some changes there recently, it was because Mike had the courage to point out some things he thought we might want to fix. And he was right. So we fixed them.

Now, on to some quick hits to make good on the promise of the content of our blogging!

Gotta Give Back

Gina Stuelke and Jim Stuelke invited us to the Spay & Neuter fundraiser called the Spay-ghetti and No Balls Gala on Friday night, February 19th. My wife and I love animals. And we love the Stuelke’s so we’ll be there. Let me know if you’re going too!

Technical Tip

If you haven’t figured out a way to manage all your passwords, we still recommend RoboForm to people all the time. I’ve also heard that LastPass is good. Sure, it will take you an hour or so to set things up, and you have to pay something for it, but it’s amazing when you don’t have to worry about passwords any more.

Something to Make you Think

I read a quote sent to me by a millennial friend named Jacob Wayman this morning. Loved it. Hope it hits you in just the right way.
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Business Recommendation

I met Phillip Howe, owner of Renew Crew, through my friends at Home Rental Services. I liked Phillip immediately and had him come to our house to look at doing work on our deck and concrete driveway. The process made sense, the pricing was reasonable and we hired him. The results were great! If you need to breath new life into your deck, or need to protect your driveway, definitely give Phillip a call.

  1. I love so many of your blog posts…its hard to say what I’d like learn more about. I do L.O.V.E. the tech tips and really, any sort of #lifehack. As an entrepreneur who is always building my blogging/content creation muscles, I would love to learn more about how your customers and contacts are leveraging blog content to build business or develop leads. How often should I update my website content/images? What are some of your favorite wordpress plugins? I see you used one of my favs….the click to tweet. :)

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