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Useful Links

June 7, 2010 / in Social Media / by

Useful Links
Useful Links

We spoke at the ACA Professionals Club meeting this morning and one of the important conversations was around just knowing what web sites to pay attention to.  Here is a typical list of the web sites/tools that we use on a regular basis related to social media.

HootSuite.com – This is a social media status aggregator.  You can plug in your credentials for each of the supported sites and update your status in one place that then broadcasts out to all of your sites… specifically LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

NameChk.com – This is a site where you can see where your “name is claimed” on the popular social media sites.  Type in your company name or personal name to see what may already be taken.  If available, we strongly recommend you visit the site and “claim your name” by creating a free account and following whatever process each site has you go through to claim your name.

MailChimp.com – A competitor of Constant Contact (email newsletter delivery system).  We like the price, the features, the integration with Survey Monkey and the professional free templates.

WordPress.org – One of the best web site Content Management Solutions.  Did we mention the code is free?  For a showcase of sites using the WordPress system, go here.

RocketTheme.com – One of our favorite web sites to purchase WordPress themes.  The dynamic menus, layouts and straight forward implementation are strong points to the RocketTheme WordPress themes.

Delicious.com – Save your favorite web bookmarks using this site.  They go with you where you go.  The social component is that you can easily share your sites with others, tag the links for relevance and more.  To see Jason Terry’s list of links, go here.

We would love to hear about your favorite social media sites and tools, so be sure to comment us back on this post for the world to see!

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