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Social Media Update and some good links

December 21, 2009 / in Social Media / by

As we wind down 2009, I look back at some of the amazing things that have happened in social media through the year.  Explosive growth (50 million LinkedIn users), new revenue generation (Dell’s Twitter account sells hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of computers through deal and coupon announcements), completely new business models (Zynga games on Facebook) to name a few.

This video sums up the crazy big numbers that I am talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIFYPQjYhv8 (Thanks Jeannette!)  It is worth watching… the figures will blow your mind.

Kudos to Mic Johnson who forwarded me an interesting article on Inc.com titled “A New Source of Stress – Feelings of Social Media Inadequacy”  This describes a trend I am definitely seeing.  Everybody knows they need to be doing something with social media… they just aren’t sure where to begin.  And they are worried they will be left behind.  The concern is valid… get in now.  Hire a consultant (like the Blue Gurus) or just pick a social media site and start researching (I recommend LinkedIn.  Read a great “how to get started with LinkedIn” article located over at Squidoo.)  The best time to dig into LinkedIn for the first time would be the week between Christmas and New Years when you have some down time.

What does it all mean?  I can’t say this more strongly.  Get your social media strategy in place as soon as you possibly can.  You either embrace this stuff or become irrelevant.    JUST GET STARTED. 

For you advanced social media users out there, be sure you are using Ping.fm, Topify, subscribing to Mashable.com‘s news feed and consider starting a WordPress blog (like the one you are reading now) on something business related that you are passionate about!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

  1. Great article, as always. That Mic guy sounds like a stud! :)

    Hope you and Trista have a VERY Merry Christmas!!

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