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Social Experiment Commences

April 20, 2009 / in Social Media / by


So I have decided to start my own business. I plan on using my Blog to document the process. So many acquaintances have shown an interest in what I am doing and how I am going about doing it. They want to partner with me, work for me, sell to me, laugh at me, cheer me on, etc. I thought it might be interesting for everyone to hear my progress as things develop. This blog will be where I document the details, and then mini-updates will be sent using Ping.fm to hit my LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and GTalk status ongoing.

So here is the progress so far.
– Figured out a name. Then bought the domain. Can’t tell anyone yet because I don’t have my LLC or S-Corp set up with the state yet. No poachers!
– High level concept will be consulting with a Sales and Operational focus. You gotta sell it… then deliver it. That has always been, and will continue to be my motto. I will use my sales expertise (doubled revenue for the last company I shared ownership in within 18 months) and my technical expertise (operational efficiency through the judicious use of technology) to help businesses sell faster and deliver better than ever before.
– I have communications set up temporarily with my terryinc.com domain, hosted exchange and iPhone all talking nicely. See one of my previous Blog posts for more details on that.
Next steps?
– I have an attorney that will help me decide on whether or not to form an LLC or a subchapter S corporation. Leaning towards an LLC taxed as an S-Corp thanks to the input from my good friend Shawn Kinkade with Aspire.
– I am looking for an accountant and have had lots of good recommendations. I will update everyone on the selection when it is a done deal.
– Office space… to dress or not to dress, that is the question. I am going to have to office somewhere other than my home. I need to get up, get dressed and GO TO WORK or I will be distracted in the mornings.
– Business plan, what is my BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), mission statement, deliverables, contracts, etc.
– Web site, newsletter, broadcast via social media
This is going to be a wild ride, and I plan to take you with me. I will be as detailed as possible in the coming weeks as I set my entity up. Please comment along the way with suggestions, rants, ridicule, humor or shared sob stories.

  1. Jason, If you need help reviewing your business plan, mission statement or anything else then give me a holler. I haven’t done it too much personally but can provide pointers based on my recent schooling. :)

    Always know that your friends are here if you need anything.

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