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Avatar – A Game Changing Movie

January 11, 2010 / in Information Technology, Social Media / by


Watch the Avatar Movie Trailer in HD at YouTube.com.

Everybody is talking about the new James Cameron movie “Avatar”, and I can’t believe that it took me 4 weekends to see when I am normally up to speed on new movies.  I just saw Avatar in the AMC 30 IMAX in 3D this weekend.  I can summarize this post by saying that Avatar is one of the best movies I have seen.  Sure, I am the typical guy that likes a good shoot ’em up with lots of digital special effects.  But I also enjoy a good chick flick with my soon-to-be wife, Trista, and cry when the underdog is victorious.

Avatar’s magic is the fact that you wind up feeling like you are actually in the movie.  I loved the AMC movie trailer that came out a few months ago where the teens in the theater seats become part of a forest with lightning bugs that grows up around them as they start watching their movie.  Avatar takes that whimsical concept up by an order of magnitude, mixes in some gritty military mud and sprinkles in some tree-hugging emotional drama to create an epic science fiction love story for the record books.  Watching Avatar reminded me what it felt like to watch Star Wars for the first time.  It made me dream.  It made me want to be there.

So here’s the deal.  Go see this movie in IMAX 3D before it leaves the theaters.  I don’t care how good your home theater is, you need to see it in the IMAX format.  It is a visceral experience, an investment in your inner child, you can witness a leap in movie making magic, and to be able to tell people 15 to 20 years from now that you were there when the movie opened and then became the best selling movie of all time.  How does this relate to business?  We all need to take the time to recharge, and this movie may inspire you!

The Huffington Post has a good article on Avatar and a quote that I really liked, “James Cameron, Hollywood’s reigning techno-geek, has humanized technology.”

Check out the article on Mashable that talks about Avatar earning 1.3 BILLION dollars in 4 weeks.


  1. We saw Avatar last week as well. 3D is a must. My wife has no interest in sci-fi or fantasy films but she loved it. Avatar does for sci-fi and fantasy what “Jerry McGuire” did for chick flicks… something for everybody. In literary terms, Avatar is absolutely flawless in creating a willing suspension of disbelief by the viewer. It looks and feels absolutely real. The plot is entertaining, even if highly derivative (see “Dances with Wolves”, “Titanic”, “The Last Samurai”, etc.). Great fun and worth the price of admission.

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