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December 12, 2012 / in Portfolio, WordPress / by

“I’ve known Jason Terry and the Blue Gurus for many years, and working with them is always a delight. I refer them every chance I get and every single time they have done an excellent job. Recently when it was time to revamp our web site, we brought in the Blue Gurus and in less than a month, the whole thing was done! I like Jason’s style: hard work, clear and strong recommendations, broad expertise, and the flexibility to adapt to the way I wanted to run this project. In this case, he gave me my homework assignments so our sessions together were interactive and fast-paced, and he did his homework so that no time was wasted when we were together. Nobody–I repeat nobody–could have gotten this done for us as quickly and economically. And something else. They are just plain fun to work with. They are good people. They do great work.”
Dave Scott, Managing Partner, Avid Communications

Jason has been friends with Dave Scott, managing partner of Avid Communications for many years.  Dave is a client of Blue Gurus and we are a client of Avid’s.  Avid provides internet and hosted VOIP phone solutions to customers all over Kansas City.

Dave knew about our web development work and had seen what it was like to work with us.  He is very involved in the Downtown Council of Kansas City and loved what we did with their website.

He wanted us to help him refresh the look and feel of his website as well as integrate social media more effectively.  He also wanted to be able to maintain the content more efficiently than he could with the tools he used to create the previous website.  Our WordPress best practices addressed all of these needs and more.

Jason worked with Dave over a couple of days to create the new website and we had it launched within 30 days of when he first approached us about the project.  His goal was to get it launched before January 1, 2013, and we had no problem hitting that goal. We work fast!

What did we learn in this project?

We got even more familiar with the Special Recent Posts plugin that is used on the home page of the Avid Communications website.  We also added a “Continue to all Blog Posts” link underneath that section of the site.  (For you technical people out there, the widget doesn’t have that built-in, you need to add it as an HTML text widget beneath the Special Recent Posts widget)

Click here to visitavidphone.com

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