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We Just Launched The New Apex Business Advisors Website!

June 22, 2015 / in Portfolio, WordPress / by

Post by: Jason Terry

Apex Business AdvisorsHello friends! It’s time again for the weekly Blue Gurus blog post. This week, I wanted to share with you that we recently launched the new Apex Business Advisors website. I realized we hadn’t talked about our web development work in a while!

Doug Hubler is the President of Apex and we’ve been doing business together for years. He’s a close personal friend and I really wanted Doug to love his new website if we were going to help him create it.

He’s been following our blog updates for a long time now, and I know the one I wrote a couple of months ago about Google not liking you if your website isn’t mobile friendly really got his attention. Doug knew it was time to update his website and turned to us for help. He wanted his site to have a new look and feel.  It needed to be mobile friendly. His staff needed to be able to update the content easily. WordPress is the right answer for all of these needs and more.

Did You Know?

Did you know that a typical web development project can take months with most companies? The fact that we do the work on site together allows us to be incredibly efficient. The new Apex Business Advisors website was built and launched in just three development days over the course of two weeks. For those of you that have been involved in other web development projects, you might be thinking, “No way.” But that’s exactly what happened.

The Team

Mic and I worked with Doug, his office manager Christi, and his daughter Chloe to build their new site.

Apex ValuesChristi is more technical than most “office managers” and she was able to contribute so much to this project. Chloe is working at Apex over the summer and she’s a graphics designer. She was able to help with graphics for the website as well as the graphic header for their new email newsletter that goes out every week with Apex blog updates. Both Christi and Chloe helped move blog and business listing content from the old site to the new site and we had a great time working together.

The Result

Apex came to the table prepared to get things done. As a result, this project went smoothly and we even had time to set up a new email newsletter system. We used MailChimp and their RSS-to-Email feature that allows blog updates from the website to be pushed out automatically as an email to their newsletter subscribers. In other words, Apex creates a new blog post and the next day MailChimp sends a copy of it to their newsletter subscribers. Efficient!

Check out the Apex website, and if you’re interested in great information about buying or selling a business, be sure to sign up for Apex’s blog updates!


  1. Looks great! I love it…course you know I had to hop over and visit them. :) Great work, guys.

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