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The Nicest Email We’ve Ever Received

October 22, 2015 / in Personal, WordPress / by

Post author: Mic Johnson

Carol BushWe recently completed a one-day website project for one of the most awesome people I know, who just launched her business called The Social Nurse (how cool is that name?).

Her name is Carol Bush. She recently sent both me and Jason the email below letting us know how she felt about the project…and all of the amazing things that have happened since the launch of her website and business.

We both agreed it was the nicest email we’ve ever received in the nearly 7 years we’ve been in business. 

We wanted to share her email with you because this is exactly why we do what we do, how we do it, and who we do it for.

Simply put, Jason and I live for moments like this. It’s what gets us out of bed every morning, excited and energized to have an opportunity to help awesome people like Carol every single day…

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“Holy freakin’ cow….the compliments on the quality of my new marrvy website have been amazing! From long-time nationally recognized nurse bloggers, no less!

The stats are so interesting. My awesome network is sharing across all social media platforms. Two days after my launch….I already received two invitations to speak at nursing conferences in 2016!!

The largest online community of oncology nurses picked up my Teach a Nurse to Tweet post and shared on their moderated LinkedIn group….which has…gasp! 10,000 members.

10 freaking thousand.

The Social NurseAnd this is only from my network sharing…I haven’t even individually scheduled a post to appear on any of my personal social media feeds yet!

Oh…and cool thing is that I have 10 new connections from small business owners in Kansas City metro. ROI, Baby!!!

In addition, Oncology Nursing News just asked to feature my posts in a print version of their publication.  A bi-monthly, regular feature. The folks who are into print are who I want to reach.  :)

Just like I shared on my ONE DAY WEBSITE BUILD date….I have been a Blue Gurus Brand Advocate for 3-ish years, and I knew you guys were awesome. I just didn’t realize how awesome until I experienced the efficiency, innovation and creativity myself.

I never would have been able to achieve the sharp professionalism that my BlueGurus Built site exudes by myself. Yeah, I could get something on the web for free…but it would have looked like free….and I am not running a business for free.

And….I also knew your pricing was affordable for small/medium businesses, and boot-strapped startups…but I seriously thought it would require an investment at least double what I ended up investing.

Thank you for being awesome friends. Thank you for delivering over and above what I imagined. Thank you for caring enough about your customers to create a high quality product.

I will be telling everyone I know….Stop! Don’t let your Brother-in-Law build your website for free! Let Blue-Gurus do it and take a marrvy vacation instead with the savings!

Warm regards….Carol


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