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2021 Bourbon Trail Tour with my Dad and Brother

May 13, 2021 / in Personal / by

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List of Distilleries we visited:
Buffalo Trace, Maker’s Mark, Heaven Hill, Woodford Reserve, Old Forester, Four Roses, Stitzel-Weller, Barton 1792

BOTTLE 1 – Heaven Hill – Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel
Small Batch Bourbon Finished in Toasted New Oak Barrels
Behind the Counter, only about 40 bottles for sale

BOTTLE 2 – Maker’s Mark 2019 RC6
Maker’s Mark Distillery

BOTTLE 3 – 2020 Angel’s Envy Cask Strength in a display box
Louisville Distilling Company

BOTTLE 4 – Single Oak Project, Barrel #122, Wheated
Buffalo Trace Distillery
Project that was started 15 years ago.
Hand selected 96 different oak trees. Top half and bottom half.
Made 2 barrels per tree, so a total of 192 barrels for the project.
Aged for 8 years. Sold to public for feedback. Barrel #80 won and
will be mass produced as a new product.

BOTTLE 5 – Bourbon Cream (kind of like Bailey’s)
Buffalo Trace Distillery
Good idea to bring a gift for your wife when buying lots of Bourbon!

  1. Sounds like a really fun trip. I’m sure you are glad you did this with your dad. Best part is you have some cool souvenirs to enjoy too.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Impressive bottle finds too! I’ve been hooked on various brown liquor since an Ireland trip 7 years ago. Recently our collection has grown and has some fun bottles from various vacation travels, that are tough to locate in and around KC.

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