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Using a Corporate Seal to Level Up Your Notes and Cards

April 10, 2024 / in Marketing / by

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Hello friends! And yes, I open every story with “HELLO FRIENDS!” Why? Because the majority of people following my content are friends, clients, peers and partners. In other words… there is a really good chance that YOU are my friend. And for that I am SO THANKFUL. Thank you for being on this journey with me. I put out a story (almost) weekly with the simple goal to help you in some way. Thought leadership, marketing and technical tips. I really hope you are learning from me over time.

This week, I wanted to talk about using a corporate seal to level up your note cards and letters. If you have been around for a while, you know that I like to do wax seals with the Blue Gurus logo on them for holiday cards to my clients. This corporate seal is in the same vein, but even easier to execute. You just need to buy a seal and keep it at your desk with card stock! (I guess that assumes you are writing cards and notes. Maybe not the case. Maybe this becomes a recommendation to start writing quick notes to people.)

Watch the video to see what the corporate seal looks like
on sticky notes, gold foil and envelopes!

Finally, two things. If you know someone that would benefit from my weekly content, please consider sending them a link to this blog, and if you are reading this in newsletter form, consider forwarding to a friend. Last, if you have any ideas or questions that I could cover in a future video, please let me know in the comments! If I am able to use your idea I will feature you in the video.

I hope you are having an excellent week! Remember, you are living and breathing. Likely able to walk around on two legs. You can also probably see. And you are making a living. Sure, you probably have stress from many directions, but in my experience, perspective can really minimize stress. Being thankful for and content with what you have is a powerful step towards the direction of happy. I hope you are happy.

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