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Custom Wax Seals for Client Thank You Cards

December 8, 2021 / in Gadgets, How To / by

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At the end of every year, I put together client thank you gifts for my monthly clients. This can include all kinds of things like Amazon gift cards, Blue Gurus logo items, and sometimes even liquor. :) But one of my favorite parts of the thank you package is a hand written note with a custom Blue Gurus wax seal.

It always surprises me how many comments I get on the custom Blue Gurus wax seal on the notes I write… that is often the first thing mentioned. So as we head into the holiday season, I thought it might be fun to share one of my best practices. If you want to take your hand written notes to the next level, a custom wax seal is the answer.

I hope you will take the time to watch this 4 minute video. I also talk about WHY I take the time to do handwritten cards and custom wax seals. And I hope you find that explanation compelling. Or you might already agree with me and simply needed this nudge to get going on those cards if you haven’t already. :)

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List of Things You Will Need:

Glue Gun: https://bluegur.us/31ykYjx

Nostalgic Impressions for Wax and Custom Seals: https://bluegur.us/3lMpthk

Silicone Mat to protect your work surface: https://bluegur.us/3dyTYmg

Tackle Box for Storage: https://bluegur.us/3lHq1F5

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