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Here’s how to customize the URL to your LinkedIn Company Page… and why it matters.

April 17, 2017 / in LinkedIn / by

Author: Jason Terry

Hello friends! It’s time yet again for another weekly Blue Gurus blog post. If you find this helpful and you aren’t subscribed to our weekly newsletter, please consider signing up! Also, if you know someone that might want to learn how to claim their LinkedIn Company Page URL, please forward this tip to them. Okay, here we go…

Recently, I was presenting a LinkedIn Deep Dive training class for a client. One of the things I teach people is to “claim your personalized URL” to your LinkedIn profile. For example, the URL to my profile on LinkedIn is: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonterry. This looks so much better than something like: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/jason-terry-9234080980af… right? This is even more important with recent LinkedIn changes, because your URL is what’s displayed whenever someone goes to your profile on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn Company PagesAnother topic we cover during our training sessions is LinkedIn Company Pages and how individual profiles need to be connected properly to a company page. While I was talking about this, someone asked the question, “is it possible to claim your Company Page URL like you claim your personal LinkedIn profile page URL?”

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that it’s not nearly as easy to do as claiming your personal profile URL.

Why it Matters

The reason it matters is simple branding. By default, your LinkedIn Company Page URL looks something like this:

How much better does it look when you’ve claimed it and it looks like this?

Claiming your LinkedIn Company Page URL

Currently, the only way to customize the URL to your LinkedIn Company Page is by contacting LinkedIn using this form.

Step One

You have to be logged into your LinkedIn account, and your account needs to have admin rights to the LinkedIn Company Page before you submit your request.

Step Two

You also want to test the LinkedIn Company Page URL you are trying to obtain before submitting your request.

Start with this: https://www.linkedin.com/company/your-company-name-here
and change the “your-company-name-here” part to your actual company name separated by hyphens.

Press enter to try going to that URL and hopefully you will get the following error message from LinkedIn:

We’re sorry, but the company you are looking for does not exist.

If you get that message, the URL you want is available. If not, keep trying different URLs until you get the message that the company you are looking for doesn’t exist.

Step Three

When you fill out the form, you will need to provide the following information… I am giving this to you in a way that you can simply copy and past the text from this blog post into the form.

Hello! We would like to customize the URL to our LinkedIn Company Page.
Our company name is: [INSERT COMPANY NAME]
My company email address with admin rights to our company page is: [ENTER YOUR COMPANY EMAIL ADDRESS]
The existing URL to our LinkedIn Company Page is: [INSERT LINKEDIN COMPANY PAGE URL]

Step Four

Submit the form and then be prepared to wait for 8-10 business days to get a response. (It seems that LinkedIn is having growing pains and their support takes a while to get back to you.)

And that’s it! You should get a response from LinkedIn that they’ve customized the URL for you.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting… it means so much to us. Let me know if there’s a question or topic you would like me to cover in a future blog post. Have a great week!

  1. Jason – great stuff, thanks for sharing. I hadn’t given any thought to the company page URL. And… just so you know, LinkedIn turned our request around overnight – pretty cool.

  2. Great timing for two reasons: 1. I truthfully never noticed I could claim my company page…I shall blame it on the old Memaw brains…and maybe even the new LI platform. 2. I had a new partner sponsor a pitchfest for my Healthcare Writers Network Community today…so was able to help them as well. Thank you for sharing the wisdom. I am gonna link this little tip in my network newsletter this week for ALL my bffs to see!!!

  3. Thanks for this information. I followed your advice and the turnaround was about 2 hours. AWESOME

  4. Another thanks for this information! We have three company pages that I sent in three separate requests for – all three cases responded within 8 hours. Two with a redirect, for now – apparently the beta pages are still in transition but supposedly when we all have company pages the redirect will be replaced with the permanent URL. The third case agent said the change would have to wait until the transition from beta was complete – I sent that case to one of the other agents and the redirect was in place within 8 hours.

  5. This article was very helpful in showing me how to contact linked in and get them to customize my url for our business page on linked in. Thanks again for the tip, they got back within a week!

  6. Word One – THANKS
    Word two – WOW
    Hope LI was better than filling out the blank form :). Thanks for putting it in simple steps and having a ready “template” for use.

  7. Hi Jason, wishing you a brilliant 2018.

    Thank you for showing me how to contact LinkedIn to update a co url. I had read this post many months ago actually. LinkedIn updated the url overnight, just an FYI.

    The problem I am having and am just not getting an answer too and was wondering if you had a solution?

    The issue is that I am the administrator for a company page. The page link as usual has been added the the customary social media bar. When one hits the link; LinkedIn wants you to loging to see the page. That is, to say, if one is not logged into LinkedIn one can not see the page. Any work around this ?

    I know this is hardly relevant to your brilliant post. Was wondering if I could get some help.

    Vijai Vir Singh Nair

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