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LinkedIn Account Settings You Might Not Know About

July 19, 2022 / in How To, LinkedIn / by

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In this week’s Tech Tip, I wanted to share some tips about LinkedIn account settings that you might not know about. I start off by showing you how to get to your LinkedIn Settings and Privacy area. There are a TON of settings in there worth reviewing, but I wanted to share eight that are worth your time to focus on today.

8 LinkedIn Account Settings You Should Know About

  • Display Mode (I prefer Dark Mode)
  • Autoplay Videos (Turn off Autoplay for videos in your LinkedIn Feed)
  • Feed Preferences (Turn off Political Content in your LinkedIn Feed)
  • Email Addresses (Specify 1 Business and 1 Personal)
  • Invitations from your Network (Pages, Events and Newsletters)
  • Messages (Turn off Sponsored Messages in your LinkedIn Feed)
  • Manage Active Status (Direct Connections Only)
  • Share Profile Updates with your Network (On or Off, your choice)

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