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Tired of getting crappy screenshots for your presentations or blog? Snagit to the rescue!

October 26, 2009 / in Information Technology / by

SnagIt Screen Capture Software

As the title of this post attests, I was so tired of getting crappy screen shots for my presentations and blog posts.  It was a tedious process.  For $50, that problem has been solved.  I found Snagit by TechSmith and it does all I want it to and more.  I can capture anything I see on the screen and save it to just about any image format I want.  Even better, when I want to take a screen shot of a tall web page that doesn’t all fit on the screen, this software automatically scrolls the screen as you drag the selection rectangle to grab as much as you want, tall or wide.  The software also tracks your image capture history, so that you can always go back to a screenshot you took a few days ago and use it again.  Might seem like a small thing, but all the little details that they thought about make this software really easy to use.

Taking a screenshot is incredibly easy.  There is a big red button that you push to start the image capture process.  A red selection rectangle comes up and you can drag it to capture any area of the screen.  There is a zoomed in preview window of where your mouse cursor is at so that you know exactly what portion of the screen you are capturing.  This comes in really handy when you are trying to capture a logo that is right next to a line or image and you only want the logo.

Once you take a screenshot, Snagit opens the captured image in an excellent image editor so that you can scale, rotate, crop, etc.  From the editor, you can easily save the image, copy it to the clipboard and paste it directly into a PowerPoint presentation.  Or to your blog editor.  Or to an email attachment.

As I write this post, I am thinking to myself “this is not an earth shaking concept, and they probably don’t care”.  Feel free to comment on any of my articles and let me know anything you would like to see me to discuss/review/suggest in the future.  As always, thanks for reading!

Snagit Capture Screen
Snagit Capture Screen

  1. Great review. I love Snagit, definitely the best way to capture screen shots. I am glad to see Windows 7 improved their ability to screenshot and crop but it still is nowhere as comprehensive as Snagit.

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