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RoboForm2Go – This Will Save You Hours Each Month

April 12, 2010 / in Information Technology / by

Sandisk 16GB USB Memory Key
Sandisk 16GB USB Memory Key

It is time for another update on our RoboForm2Go USB Password Management solution.  We have mentioned this device in the past and we are bringing it up again because we have had so many of our clients raving about it.  Our goal at Blue Gurus is to educate you, save you time and help you grow your business.  One of the great time saving solutions we offer our clients is the installation of a RoboForm USB Password key.  Think about how many times each month you type in a username and password on a web site to do your job.  Now think about how many times you couldn’t remember the password and had to go through a “Password Reminder” process just to get to the point where you could actually log in to do your work.  What would it be worth to you not to have this problem ever again?  Our clients usually say “a lot”.

RoboForm2Go running from a USB key that securely synchronizes to online storage and can be accessed securely from many devices is an excellent solution for managing your passwords and saving you a lot of time as you do your work.  If you prefer to have this set up and working for you, give us a call at (913) 944-4980! 

If you are technical, you can figure all this out on your own.  Start here: http://www.roboform2go.com

In about one hour per person, we install a password management system that includes a USB Key for your keychain that holds all of your passwords.  When you sign in to web sites, the passwords, and any changes to existing passwords you make, are copied over the internet to a secure storage location hosted by RoboForm.  (This means that if you ever lose your USB Key, you still have all your passwords and can set up another key fairly quickly)  Also, if you have an iPhone or iPad, there is a RoboForm application that allows you to access your passwords from these devices as well.) 

If you decide to have us help you with this solution, here is the process:

– We order the Sandisk USB Key and USB extension cable for you.
– When we get together, we install the key on your computer and configure the RoboForm2Go software.
– You purchase the RoboForm2Go license with your credit card for $31.95 (This is normally $39.95 but we have a discount code).
– Then we set up GoodSync2Go to synchronize your passwords across the internet.
– Finally, we teach you one-on-one how to use everything! 

RoboForm is easy to learn and the feedback we get is always something like, “that is amazing.  I can’t believe you guys are the first people to tell us how to solve the problem of managing our passwords.  This is going to save us a lot of time.” 

We hope you will do this on your own if you have the time or call us if you don’t.  You shouldn’t be wasting time trying to remember passwords and typing in your user name on web sites many times every day!

  1. I’ve been using an alternative form of password management for a few years now and found it invaluable! I suggest, to those on a tighter budget, look into KeePass (keepass.info). This is an open source, free application that you can run on usb drives, your computer or even host the file on the web for secure password management anywhere.

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