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This. Is. Amazing… WINDOW+V for Windows Clipboard History!

August 16, 2022 / in How To, Information Technology / by

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I am sure you’ve found yourself in the situation when editing a document that you’re going back and forth, copying and pasting multiple pieces of information over and over. Farther down the document, you realize you need to paste the customer’s address again, but you had already copied some other text into the clipboard. So back up the document you scroll to copy the client’s address, then back down to where you needed to paste it. NO. MORE.

Windows Clipboard History

Most people just keep doing this because they don’t know about the built-in Windows feature called the Clipboard History.

In my video this week, I show you how to use WINDOW+V to access the Clipboard History while editing a document and choosing from the list of recently copied content. This is going to save you time!!!

The first time you press WINDOW+V, Windows will ask you for your permission to turn on the Clipboard History. Say yes. And then thank me for saving you so much time editing documents in the future. :)

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