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Unpacked Baggage

December 17, 2013 / in General Information, Personal / by

Post written by Mic Johnson, Blog Coach | LinkedIn Trainer | WordPress Web Site Guy | Rational Optimist | Jayhawk | Sushi Lover | Cancer Volunteer

Why is honest communication so hard?

My take: People allow their mind, ego and insecurities to get in the way of taking the road less traveled by. Then the fear of “what might happen” wins out…and they do nothing. 
Unpacked Baggage What happens next: This scenario plays out time and time again until they have so much unpacked baggage that they don’t know where to start. A sense of being overwhelmed envelopes them, sometimes for moments, sometimes for days. So they never start unpacking. They find other short-term distractions/vices to avoid dealing with the baggage. And, over time, the baggage ultimately weighs them down. Sometimes for the rest of their lives.  
The irony: Amazing things happen when you’re sincere, transparent and vulnerable. The right type of people respect the courage that it takes…and will embrace you. 

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