Mic Celebrates 5 Years and We Adopted El Centro!

Hi guys!  It’s Jason with our first blog post in 2015.  Happy New Year!

Mic Celebrates 5 Years With Blue Gurus!

I thought it would be appropriate to let you know that Mic is celebrating his 5th year as a Blue Guru this month.  Wow, it’s weird even writing that.  It doesn’t feel like it’s been almost 6 years since I started the company.  Crazy.

Please join me in congratulating Mic on sticking around this long and putting up with me these past 5 years.  :)

I really like Top Ten lists, so here’s my Top Ten list of why I love working with Mic Johnson:

  1. Mic Johnson 2014 He’s really, really funny.  He’s got a quick wit and he just makes me laugh.  Often.
  2. He’s helped me to see the value of balance and not scheduling myself with too much work in a given week.  That’s had a big positive impact on my personal life.
  3. He has no problem challenging me.  We actually enjoy the back and forth and the end result is always better.
  4. He’s been married a lot longer than me and offers good advice when I’m fighting battles with Trista that I shouldn’t.  It’s helped me to be a better husband.
  5. He’s helped me to better appreciate the value of what we do for companies.  And to price our services appropriately.
  6. He’s humble.  Even though he usually says that after talking about how awesome he is.
  7. He’s patient.  He handles adversity so well and keeps things from escalating.
  8. He’s organized.  Less clutter = less stress and Mic is a master at that.
  9. He’s got a big heart.  He cares deeply about friends, family and clients.  If anyone cares TOO much, it’s Mic Johnson.
  10. He’s willing to listen, learn and adjust.  And you can’t buy that.  It’s so rare.

Mic means a lot to me, and I really appreciate that we get to work together helping people!

Blue Gurus Adopts El Centro

We adopt a not for profit every month or so.  We spend a couple of hours giving our best to help organizations use web and social more effectively.

ElCentroLogoThis week, we adopted El Centro.  El Centro’s mission is “To strengthen communities and improve lives of Latinos and others through educational, social, and economic opportunities.”  We learned a lot about their organization and really enjoyed working with Clayton and Irene.  By the end of our time together, I felt like they had a good game plan for moving forward with their blogging and LinkedIn strategy to help their organization grow in 2015.  And it felt great.  They really appreciated our time and our advice and were excited to get going!

As always, thanks so much for reading.  Let us know if you have a LinkedIn, Blogging or WordPress question that we can cover in a future blog post.

3 replies
  1. Mic
    Mic says:

    That’s the best blog post you’ve ever written…for obvious reasons.

    Humbly submitted,


    P.S.–Seriously, thanks a lot brother. I definitely appreciate it. Thanks for seeing things in me 5 years ago that I didn’t yet see in myself. I will NEVER forget that. What a ride it’s been….

  2. Jen Tubbesing
    Jen Tubbesing says:

    Wow Jason. How well you captured Mic Johnson. I don’t think any one would try to dispute any one of those things on your list.

    I will say one thing though… there is nothing wrong with being able to say how awesome you are and someone question your ability to be humble. :) Facts are facts people. Haha.

    Mic, congratulations on five years and the many more you help people (whether you know you’re doing it or not) in their professional and personal lives.

    You make a difference. AND you also just happen to be one of the AWESOMELY ones that totally DOESN’T suck (which reminds me that I have a very small gift for you with regards to that last statement).

    • Mic Johnson
      Mic Johnson says:

      Thanks Jen…for taking the time to read…and for your very kind words. I appreciate it more than you know. We all make a difference…in our own ways. I’m just humbled (yes, that is one of my characteristics) to know that I’ve been able to have a positive impact on other peoples’ lives. There’s simply nothing better…

      And thank you in advance for the gift….which is totally unnecessary (but certainly appreciated).

      Be Awesome,



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