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I Spend Every Day Looking For Awesome

April 6, 2016 / in General Information, Personal / by

Post Author: Mic Johnson

I spend every day looking for the awesome in life. Awesome people. Awesome food. Awesome experiences. Awesome writing. Awesome technology. Awesome EVERYTHING.

I spend every day looking for AWESOME. Doing so empowers me to live a happy and fulfilling life. Click To Tweet

As I’ve said more times than I can remember: “If you’re awesome, I’m all in. If you suck, I’m done.” I wrote this post because I wanted to share with you, the reader, some of the AWESOME that I’m grateful to have in my life.

Take just a few minutes to read about the people and things I discuss in this post and I assure you that some of the AWESOME will rub off on you too!

GetOrganizedBaseball is back and the World Champion Kansas City Royals had Opening Day on Sunday, April 3rd. My wife Missy and I bought a half-season ticket package this year. Let’s just say tailgating for Opening Day started at 2 p.m. and we got home around midnight. It was a blast! Get your tickets and head out to The K and check out the World Series trophy, the newly remodeled Rivals sports bar in right field, and more.

My friend Cynthia Kyriazis, owner of Productivity Partners, is a Productivity Coach, Strategist, Trainer, Speaker, Consultant and recently published a book to help disorganized people get organized. It’s called Get Organized. Get Focused. Get Moving. and is an Amazon Best Seller!

Blue Gurus just landed one of our biggest clients and the entire experience was awesome. Jason wrote about it recently. If you missed it, take some time to learn How To Treat People During The Sales Process.

My friend Alana Muller, owner of Coffee Lunch Coffee, is a Networking Coach & Consultant, Author, Blogger, Speaker, Facilitator and is actively involved in Seven Days. There are a host of amazing and inspiring events coming up in Kansas City April 12-18.

Bob WasabiI freaking LOVE sushi and my latest sushi craze in Kansas City is, hands down, Bob Wasabi Kitchen. The food is a little bit more pricey than you might spend at other places, but that’s because Bob knows what he’s doing. I’d argue this is the freshest and best tasting sushi in Kansas City right now. Bob, his wife, his two daughters and his son all moved from Hawaii to open this restaurant. They all work together..and they all live together. And Kansas Citians are welcoming them with opening arms. LIKE them on Facebook and check out the Yelp review I wrote for them.

Ever had that annoying situation where you’re trying to schedule (or reschedule) a meeting with a bunch of people and you’e dreading having to find a new time and date that works for everyone? Your prayers have been answered by Doodle. The basic scheduling service is free and easy to use. Thanks to my awesome friend Melissa Eggleston, Director of Private Banking at Alterra Bank, for telling me about it.

lifeisgoodMy friend Shawn Kinkade, owner of Aspire Business Development, is a Professional Business Coach. One of the awesome things Shawn does each month (and one of my MUST ATTEND events in Kansas City) is called the Business Book Review. He recently did a review of the book (and company) Life Is Good. I was so inspired that I went out to their site and bought a couple of their coffee mugs!

My friend Ray Ruecker, owner of Connect 5000, told me about this article…Why Entrepreneurs Rule The World. It was originally written in 2009 during the recession. It’s interesting to read it now as the economy is in much better shape than it was then, but the overall message still rings true.

I recently met Stephanie Guin, owner of The Guin Group. Stephanie launched her business nearly a year ago and provides Executive and Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching/Professional Rebranding, HR Organizational Development and Consulting, and Workshops. We had a great conversation at our initial meeting and our friendship and professional relationship continues to grow. I’ve already given her information to a couple of people I know who are going through career transition.

My good friend and trainer Tim Crough, owner of Tim timcroughCrough Fitness, was just featured in the Kansas City Star for the great work he does with The Mission Project, which enables capable adults with developmental disabilities to live independently and safely in community with individualized support. Tim’s mantra is Move Right. Eat Clean. Be Strong. He can help you do all three.

Would you like to easily unsubscribe from unwanted email lists and just better manage your email in general? Check out Unroll.me. It’s saved me tons of time and changed my life for the better.

On a personal note, my wife Missy, a professional meeting and event planner, is in the third year of her business, MJMeetings. She wasn’t born an entrepreneur like so many others are, but she’s done an amazing job of getting outside of her comfort zone and growing personally and professionally. I’m extremely proud of her and it’s been so much fun to be by her side and watch her entrepreneurial evolution.

5 regrets of the dyingOne of my favorite #micnuggets is “The hardest thing about perspective is keeping it.” Whenever I feel like I might be getting out of balance personally and professionally, I remind myself of one of my favorite articles of all time. It has a way of immediately humbling me and bringing my perspective right back into focus. It’s called The Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying.

I hope you took away something from all of the awesomeness you just read. What’s been going on that’s AWESOME in you world?

Share your awesome stories, restaurants, local experiences, people, etc. in the Comments section below!

  1. I must say…quite an AWESOME round-up! Worthy of the @thesocialnurse #BadgeOfAwesome award. Also…welcome to the Click to Tweet club! I freakin’ LOVE that wordpress plug in! I get tons of shares as a result!. It makes it a no-brainer for BAs (Brand Advocates) like me to show the love via social! PS…I made a note on my content calendar to steal your blog idea, but will give you credit just FYI. ;)

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