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How Do You Bust The Funk?

May 1, 2017 / in General Information / by

Post written by Mic Johnson, Blog Coach | LinkedIn Trainer | WordPress Builder | Rational Optimist | Sushi Fan | Jayhawk | #micnuggets | @MJMeetings

As I was thinking about blog topics to write about, several things started running through my head. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. What am I going to write about this week?
  2. I’ve got two clients I’ve talked to recently who have been struggling coming up with blog topics of their own. How can I help them get out of their own way and pay attention to what’s going on around them every day? This blogging stuff is hard sometimes.
  3. To that point, I had a conversation recently with two friends, one who is a business owner, about how blogging is hard and how they thought it was easier for me because “you like to write”. In fact, I don’t always like to write. I tend to write when I’m inspired to write…and that doesn’t always happen when I sit down to write.
  4. mic and missy Haleakalā Summit
    Me and Missy, pre-funk, at the Haleakalā Summit, site of a dormant volcano in Maui

    I’ve been in a funk for the last several days. To be fair, my wife Missy and I just got back from an early 20-year-anniversary trip to Maui so this could just be a “back-to-reality” hangover. We were there for 10 days. It was incredible. But the flight back was long. There’s a 5-hour time difference. And we were “welcomed” back to Kansas City with cold, rainy, rainy, rainy (Did I mention rainy?) weather…and allergies. It’s been several days since we got back, but the funk endures. I’m sleeping well, but not feeling rested. I can tell my brain isn’t “on point”.

I’ve done all kinds of things to try to bust the funk. #bustthefunk

I worked out.

I threw down a 5-hour energy drink (I don’t drink coffee and times like this I wish I did.)

I’ve taken naps.

I’ve meditated.

I watched some Netflix.

I played golf (if you’ve seen my golf game, this probably wasn’t the ideal way for me to try to #bustthefunk)

I took some allergy medication.

But I’m still not 100%.

So I thought I’d ask for a little help because I know we all go through times like this. When you do, how do you #bustthefunk? Leave a comment below or drop me an email at mic@bluegurus.com.

  1. Family, friends, take a trip (you just did this). If business, make some calls.

    Get active and be around high energy, fun people.

    1. Thanks Bob. I’ve been doing a good bit of that already today…and I’m headed out to play golf this afternoon. Of course my swing is in a funk. :) Thanks for the note and for reading the post!

  2. Funk is not always a bad thing (see George Clinton and Parliment Funkadelic), but if its the ‘funk’ with regards to writer’s block or just in a general lull with creativity or productivity I always meet up with friends like you to put things in perspective and look at things in a different light. Sounds like lunch may be in our future!

    1. Thanks Bruce…great points as always. I’m actually doing alright. I’ve determined that my allergies have been the biggest culprit in this funk…just feeling tired, sniffing, etc. Thanks again!

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