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Blue Gurus Celebrates a Decade

April 20, 2019 / in General Information / by

Do you remember April of 2009? I remember writing one of my first Blue Gurus blog posts… The Social Experiment Continues. Here is the first paragraph from that story:

So I have decided to start my own business. I plan on using my Blog to document the process. So many acquaintances have shown an interest in what I am doing and how I am going about doing it. They want to partner with me, work for me, sell to me, laugh at me, cheer me on, etc. I thought it might be interesting for everyone to hear my progress as things develop. This blog will be where I document the details, and then mini-updates will be sent using Ping.fm to hit my LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and GTalk status ongoing.

A lot has happened since I started Blue Gurus.

My goal since day one was to help companies be social online through LinkedIn training and blogging. That hasn’t changed in ten years.

A few months into it, I kept hearing things like, “You are driving great traffic to our crappy website… can you help us fix our website?” I had many years of experience in web development, so I added a third service to the mix… web development. I wrote a blog post about this in June of 2009 called WordPress: Why Did It Take Me So Long?

I hired Mic and his first blog post was in March of 2010. His first story ever was Social Media – The Only Thing You Have To Fear is Fear Itself.

Over the course of the next couple of years, we tweaked a few things including process, deliverables, pricing, contract language and more. Our revenue went up a little bit each year. We documented what we were thinking and things we were doing in our blog.

449 blog posts spanning ten years is an excellent time capsule to crack open to help me remember the journey.

Today, I’ve got a wonderful group of successful companies that I get to work with. I help them tell their stories. I help them build new websites. And I train their team how to use LinkedIn to connect and stay top of mind with people.

Thank You

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with dozens of companies and hundreds of people over that last ten years. The most important thing I can say to you as you read this… thank you. There is a good chance if you are reading this that you have had some part to play in my story. I appreciate your trust. I appreciate that you continue to read the weekly blog posts (when a title catches your attention, of course.)

Thank you for allowing me to do work that excites me, with people I care for, while making a living. Without you, this wouldn’t have happened. There are too many names to name… and you know who you are. I’m looking forward to many more years of working together, laughing together, crying together and having fun together.

Without all that, it wouldn’t be worth doing.

– Jason

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