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10 Signs You’re A Chronic LinkedIn Sufferer

April 28, 2014 / in General Information, LinkedIn / by

Post written by Mic Johnson, Blog Coach | LinkedIn Trainer | WordPress Web Site Guy | Rational Optimist | Jayhawk | Sushi Lover | Cancer Volunteer

10 Signs You’re A Chronic LinkedIn Sufferer

1. You wake up and go to work every day knowing your LinkedIn profile is horrible.

2. You don’t know what to do when you get LinkedIn invitations from people you don’t know.

3. You don’t know half of the people you’re connected to.

4. The company you work for doesn’t use LinkedIn to prospect or to share content.

LinkedIn Sufferer 5. You don’t have many LinkedIn connections and don’t know why that’s a problem.

6. You don’t know what a Professional Headline is.

7. You send connection requests that say “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”

8. You think LinkedIn is only for job seekers.

9. You want to remove some of your connections but you don’t know how and you don’t want them to know.

10. You don’t know what LinkedIn’s “triangle of relationship” is or why it’s important in business today.

These are just a few of the chronic symptoms we see every day in LinkedIn sufferers like you. Too many people mindlessly suffer from this debilitating business disease and don’t know where to turn for help.

You Don’t Have To Suffer Anymore. Blue Gurus Can Help.

Watch the short video below on how Blue Gurus can help you, your friends, your company, your business partners, and others around you suffering from this condition.

Removing your LinkedIn pain is just an email or call away. Contact me, Mic Johnson, today to schedule an appointment: mic@bluegurus.com /913-645-6650

Finally, help make a difference in someone’s professional life today by sharing this blog post with other people and businesses you know that desperately need help.


  1. Nice video, bg. You are doing good work and it’s easy to tell you enjoy what you’re doing. Is Mic that short or is Jason just that tall?

    1. Thanks Pat! Appreciate you taking the time to read it and comment. And Jason is just that tall…6’5″. Mic is 5’11”, but has a 6’3″ wingspan, so there’s that. :)

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