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A 10-Question Pop Quiz: What’s Your Common Courtesy Scorecard?

June 5, 2017 / in General Information / by

Post written by Mic Johnson, Blog Coach | LinkedIn Trainer | WordPress Builder | Rational Optimist | Sushi Fan | Jayhawk | #micnuggets | @MJMeetings

The way I see it is there are certain things that just fit ever-so-neatly into the category of common courtesy. But much like common sense, it seems like common courtesy has taken a backseat in recent years.

Throughout my lifetime I’ve observed people who are awesome at following up, staying in touch, doing what they say they’re going to do, etc. On the flip side I’ve seen the exact opposite from others. While I’m far from perfect, being reliable and exhibiting common courtesy are things I take great pride in and work hard on. The way I see it is the more I exercise common courtesy basics, the better, in my own small way, I make the world.

Thank youWith that in mind, I thought it would be fun to see how people would score themselves when it comes to a few items that fall into the category of common courtesy. Obviously this list isn’t exhaustive, but it’s a start.

Think of it as a personal and professional “common courtesy check up”. Maybe you’re awesome and have been rocking your common courtesy mojo for years. Or maybe you need a friendly reminder that you might need to work on becoming better at the common courtesy basics. Either way, I hope you find this exercise helpful.

Following is a list of items, scenarios, etc. Simply answer each question and give yourself a score on each item and then add them up and see how your Common Courtesy Scorecard turned out:

1. Do you say Please and Thank You:  
a. Every time a situation calls for it. (5 points)
b. Sometimes. (3 points)
c. Only if you feel like it. (0 points)

2. When you’re walking in or out of a door and you see someone coming or you know there’s someone behind you, do you: 
a. Pretty much always hold the door for them. (5 points)
b. Sometimes hold the door for them. (3 points)
c. Pretty much get yourself through the door and move on. (0 points)

3. If you’re talking to someone and say “We should get together soon”, do you: 
a. Pull up your calendar on your smartphone and lock in a date/time. (5 points)
b. Send them a text or email later in the week with dates/times that might work. (3 points)
c. Forget to follow up with them and the meeting never happens. (0 points)

4. When you get an invitation to an event that’s requesting an RSVP, do you: 
a. Always RSVP and let the person know either way whether you’ll be able to make it. (5 points)
b. Sometimes RSVP and let the person know either way whether you’ll be able to make it. (3 points)
c. Typically ignore RSVP’ing and make it if you can. (0 points)

5. When you receive an email from someone that requires a response, do you:
a. With few exceptions, reply same day. (5 points)
b. Reply within 1-2 days. (3 points)
c. Reply within 3 days or later. (0 points)

6. If someone refers you business or refers you to someone who can help you personally or professionally, do you: 
a. Thank them and follow up to let them know how the referral panned out. (5 points)
b. Thank them for the referral. (3 points)
c. Follow up on the referral but never thank them or let them know how the referral panned out. (0 points)

7. When you’re driving on a road or highway and see another person in a lane that’s ending, do you: 
a. Always slow down and wave them over so they can get into your lane. (5 points)
b. Sometimes slow down and wave them over. (3 points)
c. Speed up so they have to slow down and get behind you. (0 points)

8. If you’re driving and trying to change lanes and someone makes room for you, do you: 
a. Always wave and let them know you appreciated it. (5 points)
b. Sometimes wave. (3 points)
c. Get into the lane just keep driving. (0 points)

9. If you’re late for a meeting or event, do you: 
a. Always give the other person a heads up with a call, text, etc. (5 points)
b. Show up late and just get on with the meeting. (0 points)

10. When you receive a gift from someone, do you: 
a. Always thank them (in person, via email, text, etc.) (5 points)
b. Sometimes thank people but forget other times. (3 points)
c. Typically take the gift and assume they know you appreciate it. (0 points)

Common Courtesy Scorecard
40-50 points – You’re pretty much rocking your common courtesy.
30-40 points – You’re courteous, but have some room for improvement.
< 30 points – Time for a common courtesy refresher.

How’d you do? If you’re up for it (and brave enough!), share your results by leaving a comment in the comments section of this post or drop me an email, text, etc. Additionally, share any other common courtesy basics you routinely practice.

Thanks for playing along…and no matter your score, let’s all agree to be more aware of practicing the common courtesy basics!

P.S. – I’ll tell you my score if you tell me yours. Email me at mic@bluegurus.com.

  1. Great Post/Blog Mic! I scored a 41, so I just barely made the top tier. More importantly, I can reflect on the ones I’d like to be better at and then come back in a month, 6 months, and year to see how I’m doing. Thank you for writing / posting great content!

    1. Thank you, Michael! Glad it gave you a sense of where you’re at…and where you want to be. Always appreciate you reading and supporting the Blue Gurus blog. Thanks again!

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