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KCSL Book Drive Complete, a LinkedIn Tip and a Gadget Review. Let’s Go!

September 23, 2020 / in Community Service, Gadgets, LinkedIn, Video / by

KCSL Book Drive Success!

Hello everyone! I wanted to report back on the results of the KCSL Book Drive I started in late July. The goal was to collect at least 500 books for kids. Through many donations and contributions from many of you, we reached the goal… and then some. Thank you!!! You should have seen me trying to get everything loaded into my SUV!

One of the Book Favorites? Duck on a Bike

The largest contribution of brand new books was from my friend Janine. One of her favorite childhood books was Duck on a Bike. And that just so happens to be one of the favorites of Jamie VanCompernolle, Assistant Director at KCSL of Kansas. You can see her in the picture on the left holding that very book.

LinkedIn Tip

One of the tips I’ve shared before is that your status updates will likely reach more people if you formally mention others in the comments. If you don’t know how to mention someone, here is a LinkedIn help article.

Basically, as you’re leaving a comment, you type the ampersand symbol (@) and then start typing someone’s name. A list of people will pop up and you can select them from that list. This is a formal mention and they get notified that they were tagged in your comment.

So here’s the tip. Any time someone commented on my book drive status update, I mentioned them in my response. And it drove visibility of my LinkedIn status through the roof. Which ultimately got more people involved. It really does work!

The Gadget Review – Kobalt Air Inflator

When I got to KCSL, Jamie was kind enough to help unload and also loaned me her 2-wheel dolly. Their offices are on the second floor and the elevator is slow… like a snail encased in molasses. When I got the dolly loaded up with the first stack of boxes, I realized the tires were flat! Thankfully, I keep a Lowe’s Kobalt air inflator in my car. (I know, I know… Boy Scout. It’s come in handy so many times in the past.)

You plug this compressor into your cigarette lighter adapter, set the PSI you want and press the GO button. It’s great for adding air to your car tires in the comfort of your garage instead of going to the gas station when it’s freezing and trying to feed quarters into their air pump. And it will also pump up the tires on a 2-wheel dolly in record time. Problem solved.

I definitely recommend keeping an air compressor in your car… and for $70, it’s an easy decision based on the time you will save the first time you use it. If you wait until the holiday sales, Lowe’s usually discounts it to $50.

See what I did here?

I was able to tell a story about helping out in the community. Many of you are part of that story. And I tied it to the business with a LinkedIn tip. And I might even get a +1 for adding a product recommendation to wrap it up! This will go to all my social channels and my email newsletter over the next week. Word of mouth in action!

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