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Office Space : College and Metcalf

May 17, 2009 / in Business Recommendations / by

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I have a home! A good friend of mine, Matt Simpson, owns Infusion. They are a web site and brand delivery company. Matt and I have done business together over the past 2-3 years and when he heard that I was looking for a place to call home he invited me to office with him. They are located at 6340 College, right next to the Overland Park Convention center. It is a fantastic space that they just moved into and completely remodeled. This gives me immediate access to a lot of great infrastructure including a conference room, phone system, fax, copier, etc. The lesson here is to accept the generosity of others. Matt and I have always helped each other grow our businesses and this is taking that relationship to the next level.

My new mailing address is:
Blue Gurus
6340 College Blvd.
Overland Park, KS 66211
P.S. Sorry for the 2 week delay in posting, I have been busy moving my household, getting my old house ready to sell and getting the new office set up! Whew! Anyway, I should be back to making regular updates within the next week or so.

We have worked with Blue Gurus for almost 10 years now. He and his team are incredible to work with.

Among other things they have helped us get a blog team together so that we are blogging regularly and it is a nice variety of viewpoints in the blog posts. All of us have stellar LinkedIn profiles thanks to Jason. There are many many other things they've helped us with over the years… too many to mention in one quote. They're so knowledgeable and so helpful and are a positive energetic addition to any project. I would highly recommend Jason and his team!!!!

Kandy Meehan

Kandy Meehan

Owner of Home Rental Services

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