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The Flywheel Party in Omaha Was a Blast!

April 21, 2015 / in Business Recommendations / by

Hi friends!  It’s Jason with this week’s blog post.

Fly Party at FlywheelIf you’re a web development client of ours, you know that we’re raving fans of Flywheel.  Flywheel is a web hosting company based in Omaha that does nothing but host WordPress powered websites.  We love these guys because their hosting is rock solid, they provide excellent support, and they are fun to work with.

Last Friday, Flywheel had their first “Fly Party.” It was an open house for their new digs in downtown Omaha.  I realized it would be a great opportunity for me to meet the people that I’ve talked with on the phone, chatted with for support and seen pictures and videos of via social for the last two years.

I’d never been to Omaha before.  Can you believe that?  It’s an easy three hour drive (just take I-29 North until you land in Omaha.)  The highway dumps you right into the heart of downtown Omaha.  I was surprised to see dozens of great restaurants, shops and even casinos.  Plenty to do for a long weekend.

Anyway, I walked from my hotel to Flywheel’s party and got a really warm welcome.  Kyle Putnam was the first person to greet me and give me a tour of their offices. He made me feel like part of the family.  He even introduced me to the Jamie Bush special… gin and sweet tea concentrate that reminded me of a Long Island Iced Tea.  Jamie is the marketing coordinator for Flywheel.  (Yes Jamie, you are famous now because there’s a drink named after you.)

Flywheel Party in OmahaThe Flywheel office is a techie-retro space that felt like a cool mash-up of Apple, Chipotle, and HGTV.  And maybe a little Mork & Mindy’s egg chair (see the blue conference room pic with the white chairs.)

Their offices are beautiful and spacious.  They had to upgrade in 2014 to make room for about 30 employees (and they are adding more all the time.)

Dusty Davidson is a co-founder of Flywheel and it was fun to see him in his element.  He’s the reason we signed up.  He had to be proud of the friends, family, clients and employees that were together celebrating!

T-Rave is a “happiness engineer” for Flywheel and one of the people I’ve worked with a lot.  I was excited to see that he’s a LEGO fan like me… check out his desk in the pics below… There’s a LEGO Back to the Future Delorean and a Ghostbusters set!

It was surreal to finally meet so many people that I’ve had a virtual business relationship for the last two years.  I was really glad I took the time to get myself to Omaha and hang out with a bunch of people that have built something special.  Their company culture is contagious… I can see why they are growing so quickly.  And it reminded me yet again why we love working with these guys!

Fly Party at Flywheel Fly Party at Flywheel Fly Party at Flywheel

  1. Hi Jason,

    Glad to hear you finally made it to my home town. Next time you will need to go to the zoo (it is one of the best in the country) and let me know before you go so I can give you some local restaurant suggestions, well at least some of my favorites. Glad you enjoyed your trip and glad to hear that Flywheel is doing well. I certainly was impressed with their service when we built and launched the NAP website.

    Make it a great day,
    Mike C.

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