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Perfect is Expensive. Good Enough Anyone?

June 7, 2023 / in Brain Food / by

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Hello friends! This video is actually only about 3 minutes long until you get into my Cozumel scuba diving trip pictures and a video of a SERIOUS storm while we were there. I was out last week doing 14 dives in 5 days with my brother (Mike) and a friend (Scott)!

This week’s Brain Food is all about the idea that perfect is expensive. Good enough is usually a better balance of planning and time to market in many areas of a business. One of the examples I share is implementing a Customer Relationship Management system for your company. You could spend 9+ months and a ton of money before seeing if it’s even going to work. Why not take bite sized chunks? Have a pilot project with basic features running side-by-side with your current solution so that you can learn what really needs to be tweaked in the new system.

This concept applies to so many things in your business. Going to launch a new service line? Well, let’s start planning. Lots of meetings. We have to get the PowerPoint and contract templates done. We need pristine product samples. And we have to educate our sales team before we even talk about this new service line, right? Not necessarily. Get to market as quickly as you can without the wheels falling off. Otherwise, you risk being stuck in planning mode for way too long.

And if you stick around for the Cozumel scuba trip recap and pics, I hope you enjoy them!

Let me know what you think about “Perfect is Expensive” in the comments. Thank you for reading/watching my video this week! I really appreciate it. I hope you found it helpful.

  1. Great point!! Early in my career I heard this concept expressed as “Ready, Shoot, Aim!”

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