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Commission Breath is Bad. Nobody wants that kind of pressure.

April 26, 2022 / in Brain Food / by

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Hello friends! You know I love getting story ideas from conversations. This is another Brain Food brought to you by a recent coffee meeting. :) My friend Drew Siebert and I were talking about people pushing too hard to get a sale, and he said, “they suffer from commission breath.” I had never heard that term before, and it made me laugh out loud. And when something makes me laugh, feel sadness or think deeply, my knee jerk reaction is to capture it for a future blog. I’ve adopted the habit of sending myself an email with ideas so they don’t get lost or forgotten.

We’ve all met salespeople who are pushing too hard to close a deal. Not taking no for an answer. Assuming you will do what they want you to do for next steps. Following up with you 42 times in 2 weeks. I’ve even had the experience watching a person go from personal and friendly to sales machine. Their voice and demeanor change and I can tell they are using “tactics”. It’s not pretty.

So I dig into that idea in my video this week. I hope you will take 5 minutes to watch it. And if you know somebody in sales that might enjoy this one, please consider forwarding it to them. Thank you for reading, watching and caring about me enough to invest the time. Let me know if there is a topic you would like me to tackle in the future!


  1. Love ❤️ your comments! It is all about the relationship. Commission breath makes me cringe.

  2. Love this! Fits my sales philosophy – LESS is more: Listen, Empathize, Strategize, and Sell (only if it’s appropriate fit!).

    Keep up the awesome posts!

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