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Celebrating 100 Videos on the Blue Gurus YouTube Channel

February 9, 2023 / in Brain Food / by

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Hello friends! I can’t believe that I am celebrating the milestone of 100 videos uploaded to my Blue Gurus YouTube channel. Thank you so much for being on this journey with me. I appreciate the likes, subscribes and comments so much.

I start out the video talking a little about my process for creating these videos in case you are interested. And then I go into the top 5 videos by views on my channel as well as the top 5 videos I use in sales conversations. Links to all of those videos are in the channel notes on YouTube and I am going to include them here as well.

Thank you again for all the encouragement and for taking the time to let me know these videos are helpful!

Top 5 Videos by Views

1) Marketing: Add a 30 second video intro to your LinkedIn profile with the new Cover Story feature!
2) Tech Tip: Removing People from your LinkedIn Company Page
3) Tech Tip: Stop fighting your passwords and start using Roboform
4) Personal: 2021 Bourbon Trail Tour with Dad and Brother
5) Tech Tips: LinkedIn Account Settings You Might Not Know About

Top 5 Videos I use in the Sales Process

1) Coming up with a good About section on LinkedIn
2) Setting up Name Pronunciation in your LinkedIn Profile
3) How to come up with content for LinkedIn status updates.
4) Comments are much more powerful than Likes on LinkedIn.
5) LinkedIn Image Dimensions for Business Pages and Personal Profiles

  1. Wow, friend! What an amazing accomplishment, seriously. I’ve watched you go from curious about the concept to consistently providing sincere, thoughtful, and useful advice through this platform. Well done!! Keep it up.

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