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Shout Out to My Clients Who Put In the Work

May 8, 2018 / in Blogging / by

Mic JohnsonHey there, thanks for stopping by. It’s Mic Johnson here, and I wanted to give a shout out to some of my clients who put in the work every month. 

Blogging is hard work.

It takes time. It takes thought. It takes creativity. It takes commitment. It takes writing sometimes when you don’t feel like it. It takes looking for regular inspiration. It takes a desire to want to help people.

And it takes an accountability partner. I often say I’m like a personal trainer for my clients when it comes to their monthly blogging strategy.

Like any personal trainer, it’s important to give a shout out and encouragement to those who put in the work.

So here, in no particular order, are a few of the teams who have been doing the hard work for months…and some…for years…along with a favorite blog post or two for you to enjoy.

(Side note: We also built the websites for many of these same clients!)

Swope Health Services

Swope-Health-ServicesSwope Health Services provides primary health care and behavioral health services throughout Greater Kansas City.

I’ve been working with them for years and they do a great job of providing education, health information, community events and more through their blog.

Their communications team comes ready each month and has shown a strong commitment to keeping the content engine running.

I loved their recent post (recipe included) Make it Bright: It’s a Great Time to Reach for Salads!

Stockman Bank

Stockman Bank.

You don’t see a lot of banks jumping into the blogosphere, but that’s exactly what the largest bank in Montana did a couple of years ago when we started working with them.

Their blog team has grown and they’ve done a great job of incorporating a range of employees in their blogging efforts.

A couple of my favorite posts include Coffee Talk: Quarterly Report – Q1 2018 from CEO Bill Coffee and a great post about financial preparation options for your children’s educations: Building a Better Future for Your Child.


MEDiAHEAD creates specially tailored marketing and distribution portals for clients and also provide small packaging, variable printing, wide format, mapping, email marketing, digital marketing, and full-service fulfillment.

We’ve been working together for just a few months now, but they’ve really embraced the need to share their stories through blogging.

A couple of my favorite posts from them are Kathryn McDaniel: Perseverance Personified and Meet Izzy: The True Secret to MEDiAHEAD’s Success.

Health Partnership Clinic


Health Partnership Clinic offers a range of medical, dental and behavioral health services through four clinics and at sites throughout the community.

The team at Health Partnership Clinic always comes prepared and, while relatively new to blogging, has done a great job of starting to tell the story of their organization.

I really enjoyed their post Spring: A Time of Renewal and Growth and they’ve started an Employee Spotlight series to highlight their best and brightest.

Apex Business Advisors


Apex Business Advisors are business brokers who offer a complete business sales, merger and acquisition service.

They put out quality, consistent content each month about things to know when considering buying or selling a business. I’ve become a fan of their Book Club and Case Study posts, offering up a new recommendation in each category every month.

Swartz and Associates


Swartz and Associates provides excellent service in the review and analysis of property tax valuations for clients.

This review includes fair market value analyses of not only commercial/industrial real estate values, but also business personal property and the valuation of machinery and equipment, furniture and fixtures, inventory and data processing equipment.

Owner Don Swartz has been writing blog posts for nearly three years about issues in their industry as well as some personal life experiences with his family.

A couple favorite recent posts include The Swartz Report: April Showers Bring May…Graduates and The Swartz Report: Should Kansas Wake Up and Smell the Property Tax Coffee?

Please join me in giving these companies a shout out for the work they put in each and every month to educate, help and inspire those who follow their companies!

If your company is interested in blogging, drop me an email at mic@bluegurus.com or call me at 913-645-6650 to get the conversation started today!

  1. Thank you, Mic. I appreciate the time and effort you have spent working with me as well as my staff in developing their LinkedIn profiles and my reviewing my blogging efforts. It is definitely work but has been very beneficial to me over the years as I see an increased amount of traffic to my website and LinkedIn page.

    Don Swartz

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