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How A Blog Post From 2011 Led Me To Someone Awesome In 2016

February 24, 2016 / in Blogging / by

Brad and Barbara Douglas
Brad and Barbara Douglas

Post Author: Mic Johnson

I want to take a few minutes to share a personal story with you that absolutely blew my mind.

Not long ago, my wife Missy and I invited my good friend (and one of the most awesome people I know) Brad Douglas and his wife Barbara over for dinner.

We wanted to, in a personal and meaningful way, say “Thank You” for an introduction Brad made that led to a business opportunity for Missy’s meeting and event planning business, MJMeetings.

At one point in the night, Brad told me about someone he met named James Webb. Brad said James was a fascinating gentlemen who had been in the Navy, had been in the special forces, and who had some amazing experiences in his business life.

During their conversation, James told Brad about an article he carried with him that had dramatically impacted his life. James told him that he had shared the article with countless people over the years.

And then James pulled the article out of his briefcase and slid it across the table. Much to Brad’s surprise, it was an article I wrote nearly 5 years ago (and if you follow our blog or know us, you’ve probably heard about it)…

Yes, it was I’m Just Trying To Get Away From People That Suck.

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Wait, an article I wrote nearly FIVE years ago is something that dramatically impacted the life of someone I don’t even know? And to this day he carries it with him in his briefcase and shares it with other people?

James Webb
James Webb


I’m happy to report that James and I recently met at the Factory Cafe at The Roasterie and had a great conversation. Oh, and guess what? HE’S AWESOME.

James asked me more than once what he could do to help Blue Gurus and MJMeetings and he shared some of his experiences about his upbringing on a farm in Tennessee, his time in the special forces, and his time in business.

Here are a few lessons for you, your company and anyone else who blogs or who’s been thinking about blogging:

  1. You will never know how many people read what you write.
  2. You may never know how what you write may impact someone’s life in a profound way.
  3. Spend enough time with awesome people…and you’ll continue to meet even more awesome people.
  4. There is way more ROI to blogging than just money.
  5. Our world is about CONNECTING with other people in real and meaningful ways. Writing is an amazing way to do that.
  6. Forget about 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon. We’re all a lot closer than you realize.
  7. Be patient. Even if you have to wait 5 years to meet someone whose life your writing impacted in a positive way….take it from me….it’s worth it.

Have you experienced anything like this, either as a writer or as someone who reached out to a writer who impacted your life in a positive way? We’d love to hear about it. Post a comment below and share it with us and our readers!

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