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The #1 Secret To Get Real ROI From Blogging

January 9, 2014 / in Blogging, Content Marketing, Social Media / by

Post written by Mic Johnson, Blog Coach | LinkedIn Trainer | WordPress Web Site Guy | Rational Optimist | Jayhawk | Sushi Lover | Cancer Volunteer

We’ve been blogging at Blue Gurus for nearly 5 years and believe in it so much that we coach and execute blog strategy for companies all across Kansas City.

We routinely have business owners and decision makers asking us about the ROI of blogging. The way we see it, the choice is pretty clear: Do you want to educate people about your company, your people, what you do in the community, the services or products you provide…or don’t you? There’s only one logical answer to that question…and a blog is the perfect solution.

Now I know the title of this post is “The #1 Secret To Get Real ROI From Blogging”, but I’m not going to give you the answer right away. Before I do, I want to share a personal ROI blogging story of my own. 

Carol Bush Her name (and the woman in the photo) is Carol Bush. She is a Nurse Navigator and Consultant for the Midwest Cancer Alliance-University of Kansas Cancer Center as well as a Nurse Consultant for Remedy Healthcare Consulting. On March 19, 2013, Carol (who I had never met before) sent me an email with the subject line that said “We Need Help”.

That subject line, and our subsequent interactions, inspired me to write a blog post with that very subject line. You can read it here: We Need Help

Carol’s email mentioned that she had been reading our blog for over a year (This is your first hint: Blogging is a marathon; not a sprint) and liked our approach. She went on to say that she wanted help with blogging, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Here’s everything that’s happened since then: 

-Carol and I spoke on the phone about what Blue Gurus does and how I thought we could help her. It was clear to both of us that we were kindred spirits. We hit it off immediately. I had so much fun talking to her that I didn’t want to hang up!

-I did a 2 hour training session on LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging with Carol and her partner in Remedy Healthcare Consulting, Sheila Richmeier

-I introduced Carol to my very good friend and the person I routinely call “the best communications professional I know”, Julie Bartels-Smith.

-Carol and I are friends on Facebook, are connected on LinkedIn, and follow each other on Twitter. Now we’re even more in tune with what’s going on with each other, both personally and professionally.

-I introduced Carol to my friend Kimberly Sanders (the wife of Steve, who I went to high school with), who works for a growing and successful start-up, Electronic Medical Solutions (Priorus), in Wichita.

-Carol has so much energy and enthusiasm and regularly uses words like “BFF” and “Marvvvy”. I just love that about her…even the words she uses are fun and full of energy. And it gives me energy when she uses them. 

-I’ve mentioned Carol and the “We Need Help” story hundreds of times to people and businesses interested in blogging.

ROI Blogging-Knowing that Carol has had so much experience as an oncology nurse, I introduced her to my mom, who went through breast cancer last year and is now a breast cancer survivor. They had lunch in Wichita, got to know each other, Carol gave her information on resources for breast cancer survivors…and, you guessed it, they are now Facebook friends too. 

-I introduced Carol to my wife Missy over lunch at local favorite BRGR. Carol had never been there before and of course really enjoyed having lunch with two of her marvvvy BFF’s!

-Carol introduced me to the folks at the Midwest Cancer Alliance and I did a paid speaking engagement on LinkedIn and Blogging at their annual meeting. 

-Carol coordinated and helped negotiate an opportunity for me to do two, 1-hour paid virtual LinkedIn training webinars with 15 nurse navigators across the country.

-Carol introduced me to one of her other BFF’s, Becky Withrow Schieber  with the KU Endowment Association. Becky and I had lunch and have discussed the possibility of working together.  

-Carol is now blogging and sharing her marvvvy personality through her writing. She wrote a couple of great posts recently called If You’re Not At The Table, You’re On The Menu and Heretics, Radicals, and Rebels…Oh My!

-I wrote this blog article you’re reading and we’re sharing it across all of the Blue Gurus (and my personal) social networks. And I have no doubt that my marvvy, BFF Carol will do the exact same thing. And, who knows, maybe some of the great people in our networks (yes, I’m talking to you) will share it with all of the great people in their networks. 

#1 Secret To Get Real ROI From Blogging

The most amazing thing about everything you just read? All of that happened in LESS THAN A YEAR. Carol and I are just getting started. When I first started blogging regularly for Blue Gurus, I couldn’t have predicted in a million years all of the ROI that has come out of my relationship with Carol. (HINT: ROI isn’t just about money) 

So what’s the #1 Secret To Get Real ROI From Blogging?

Start writing.
Keep writing.
Watch what happens. 

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