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PIPL.com – The most comprehensive people search on the web

February 1, 2010 / in Social Media / by


So I didn’t get very creative with the title for this blog post.  It is straight from the PIPL.com web site.  Not a problem since the statement is true!  PIPL.com is an information aggregator that pulls data about people from multiple data sources and is the most comprehensive people search I have seen on the internet.  I learned about this site from a client of mine, Jenny Redix with The Henning Law Firm.  Jenny uses this tool to do research on their defendants and plaintiffs.  I couldn’t believe some of the things that were found when I searched for my own name.  My Amazon.com wish list… are you kidding me?  Granted, when doing a search on my name, Jason Terry, some of the results were for the professional basketball player.  Still, there was a lot of relevant information, including my birthday, street address, etc. that are all public record.  Crazy.  Go see what results you get when searching on your name!

Here is a link to the page on PIPL.com that shows some of the data sources they pull from.

So why does this matter?  I think it is important that you know just how much information is freely available about you on the internet.  I recommend a credit monitoring service like IdentityGuard.com that can alert you immediately when there are changes to your credit scores (early warning system for identity theft).  I will be writing a blog post next week about IdentityGuard.

P.S.  Everyone is talking about the Apple iPad, and yes, I will be buying one in 60-90 days like everyone else.  (Fanboy)  I will review it for you when I have had time to see if it lives up to the adjectives being used to describe it like magical and revolutionary.  Tough words to live up to, but Apple has done it before.

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