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FourSquare – Location Based Social Media with a Twist

March 22, 2010 / in Social Media / by


It seems like new social media applications spring up every day.  FourSquare is the newest application we have been using lately and there are some things we really like about it.  FourSquare is a location based social app that allows you to “check in” at locations you visit.  The grocery store, coffee shop, favorite restaurant or bar, you name it… you can check in there.  When you check in, you can see tips from other people that have visited this location, like what to order, ways to save money, etc.  The interesting twist on this application as compared to other location aware apps is the point system.  You get points for checking in, submitting new locations, etc. and along with those points come badges of accomplishment and you can become “Mayor” of a location if you are the most frequent visitor to that location.

Is this application a waste of time?  For many the answer for now might be yes.  However, it may be worth your time to give this application a spot on your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android based phone.  We love the ability to check reviews of restaurants using the mobile version of Yelp.  We also enjoy finding out what movies are playing when at the local theater.  FourSquare is another application that can provide you with great information for places you have always gone to, or help you discover new places to visit.  There is a local sandwich shop at 119th and Quivira called Gert’s Grille.  We saw someone mention that they had excellent soup in a bread bowl.  It was a cold day.   We tried it and it was excellent. 

If you like to adopt new applications before they are yesterday’s news, we recommend you download this free application for your phone.  Next time you are in a business you frequent often check out the FourSquare tips to see what others have said and maybe even add your own comments to help someone that checks in there after you.

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