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EventBrite – The business version of evite

September 29, 2009 / in Information Technology, Social Media / by


One of the questions that I get asked often is how to invite clients and prospects to an event.  Most people are familiar with evite.com.  Evite.com is more of a personal invitation system for things like parties, showers, etc.  I point people to EventBrite.com for handling the invitation and guest list functions for a business event.  The service is free if you are not charging per ticket for entry to the event.  If you ARE charging per ticket, EventBrite.com charges a reasonable 99 cents per ticket plus 2.5% of the ticket value (credit card processing fees)

There is an EventBrite connector for SalesForce.com!

Sign up for a demo of the EventBrite platform to learn about the following:
– Customize your event page
– Integrate online credit card processing
– Collect attendee information
– Send out electronic invitations and monitor response
– Promote your event with Eventbrite tool and features
– Generate an attendee list and print badges

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