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Do You Want LinkedIn To Work For You? Here’s How.

March 7, 2011 / in LinkedIn, Social Media / by

Do you have a favorite restaurant that you haven’t been to in awhile?

Do you have a friend that you’ve been meaning to get together with, but you just haven’t made the time?

Do you have a favorite vacation spot that you’ve been dying to get back to, but keep coming up with reasons why you can’t go?

Of course you do. We all have things that we wish we did more of, or that we know we should be doing, but we just don’t make the commitment to do them. We procrastinate. We come up with excuses. We let the thought enter our brains for a few fleeting seconds and then never follow up.

Well, when it comes to LinkedIn, we’re here to help you stop procrastinating and go from “I have an account on LinkedIn, but I don’t use it” to “My profile looks great. I connect with people every week. And I’m starting to get more business from using LinkedIn!” 

Jason and I don’t often re-post blog articles that we’ve written previously, but the fact of the matter is…we have a lot of great content on our blog and have been writing consistently for nearly two years. Content that was great a year ago, in many cases, is still great today.

And so, what we want you to do is go back and not only read the post linked below, but we want you to DO what the post recommends. We ourselves do what the post suggests and have countless success stories that have come from our efforts. We’ve made LinkedIn work for us and we want it to do the same for you.  The only thing you have to do is read the article and do what it says…consistently. It’s really that easy.

Ok, now click the link…read it…and do it! (and let us know if you did and we’ll be really happy and say lots of nice things about you!)

Your LinkedIn Profile Is Done. Now What?

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