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10 top tips for this week

July 28, 2009 / in Information Technology, Social Media / by

Here are 10 top tips for this week:

1 ) Check out Shawn’s post about Wordles.  Interesting!

2 ) Be sure to claim your profile on Google. You will need a Gmail account.

3 ) Be sure to back up your RoboForm2Go files on your U3 USB Key with their free online sync service, RoboForm Online.  If you don’t have an account yet, get one free here.  I ejected my USB key and for the first time in years, it actually corrupted some of the data on it since I didn’t safely eject it.  The Roboform Online backup saved all my data and I was able to successfully restore everything.

4 ) I picked up one of the new FlipHD compact High Def video recorders a while ago.  It has come in useful lately for quick recordings of important events.  My clients are interested as well, especially real estate clients for virtual tours.  They record 2 hours of 720p video and run on 2 rechargeable AA batteries.  $175 at Costco.

5 ) The BlackBerry Curve is going to be $50 at Walmart.  If you have been looking for a smartphone, but haven’t been able to justify $150+ for the device, this may be a good way to jump on the functionality bandwagon.  I prefer the iPhone, but BlackBerries are 2nd on my list! 

6 ) For those of you that don’t know about woot.com, be sure to check it out.  Interesting items each day.

7 ) Take the time to read at least 15 minutes every night before you go to bed.  Do this for one month and you will be shocked at how you sleep better as well as process and grasp new concepts better.  I recommend Science Fiction or Business Best Practices, depending on how quickly you want to fall asleep.  :)

8 ) Related to #7 above, give a serious 2nd look at the Amazon Kindle if you haven’t bought one yet.  If you read regularly, this device will transform how you get to your content and create more opportunities for you to read.  It doesn’t hurt that they have dropped the price to $299.

9 ) Think of one person that you haven’t talked to in a while that you have done business with in the past.  Call them.  Don’t ask to go to coffee or lunch.  Everybody is busy.  Say right up front, hey… just called to let you know we haven’t talked in a while and I was thinking about (insert relevant comment here) and wanted to call to say hi.  If they don’t answer… so what.  Leave a voicemail and say the exact same thing.  They might not call you back, but they will appreciate the sentiment.

10 ) Create a list of the first 5 things that come to mind that you need to get accomplished.  Put the hardest one to get done at the top of the list and promise yourself to get THAT ONE THING done this week, as long as it isn’t something like summit Mt. Everest.  Choose 5 things that have been weighing on your mind but that are something you could get done in a day or two, but just keep putting off.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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