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May 9, 2012 / in Portfolio, WordPress / by

“We evaluated multiple firms recommended by peers for our new website.  I cannot stress enough how happy we are with choosing the team at Blue Gurus.  Exceptional service, finished products and all under original budget!  I will recommend them to anyone seeking a new and very trusted website partner.  Awesome to work with and we will continue to use them as we grow!”
– Kevin Briggs, President at SpectraGraphics

We were referred to Kevin by our good friends over at Umzuzu.  (Thanks Tony!)  Kevin trusts Tony with all things technical and when he mentioned that he was in the process of updating his web site, Tony suggested that he talk with us.  I met with Kevin at Panera, walked him through the power of the WordPress platform and explained that we do our work on site in a collaborative format.  Kevin was specifically looking for this kind of model.  By the end of our meeting,  Kevin had agreed to move forward with us!  Definitely proves the power of being referred by someone you trust.

We did the project at the SpectraGraphics facility in Lenexa and enjoyed getting to know more about Kevin’s business.  The site tour was amazing.  There are dozens of huge machines that crank out full color printed labels at an incredibly high speed.  We were able to see how the plates for the labels are made and how their engineers monitor the job batch process to make sure the machines are printing perfect labels.

This was a great project that included Mic, Melissa and I and resulted in another happy customer.  Kevin can change the content himself quickly.  He is blogging.  And he knows who to turn to if there is something he can’t figure out!

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