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LPF High Performance Coatings

January 19, 2012 / in Portfolio, WordPress / by

“Although our journey of developing a social media program for LPF is still in its infancy, the Blue Gurus have been invaluable in getting us to connect the dots and realize the importance of social media in our sales efforts.  We have seen measurable results since starting our relationship with Jason and Mic. The Blue Gurus are also trusted consultants to our company having guided us in crafting our IT strategies as well.”
– Jim Stuelke, CEO and President, LPF High Performance Coatings

Jason has worked with Jim Stuelke and the team at LPF High Performance Coatings since 2003. Besides being a trusted resource, Jason and Jim are good friends. Looking at the old and new pictures below, you will be able to tell it was definitely time for a new web site!

Jason worked directly with Dana Brown, VP of Sales, to create the new site. Because Jim is a K-State alum, the color purple is incredibly important to him and to the branding of LPF High Performance Coatings.

Now that LPF High Performance Coatings has a site that they are proud of, they are updating their blog weekly and reaching their vendors and customers in new and exciting ways.

Click here to visit lpfcoatings.com

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