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Bistro 303

January 19, 2012 / in Portfolio, WordPress / by

“Prior to Blue Gurus, Bistro 303’s website was not user friendly. It was idle and unchanged for years. After hiring Blue Gurus, I am able to update and change with ease. And with using their advice on Social Media sites, we have actually been able to grow and improve sales in this ever changing economy.”
– Jeffrey Schmitz, Owner, Bistro303

One Spring day, Mic and his wife Missy, as they often do on Saturdays, went to the Kansas City River Market to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables. After they had gathered their goodies for the day, they wanted to grab lunch. They went back and forth on a location and then Missy said, “Hey, let’s go to Jeffrey Schmitz’s restaurant, Bistro 303!” So how did thet know Jeffrey Schmitz? Well, Mic went to grade school and high school with Jeffrey and his sister Lori was in Mic’s class.

So off to Bistro 303 they went. Mic and Jeffrey hadn’t seen each other in awhile so they spent some time catching up. Jeffrey asked Mic what kind of work he was in and during the conversation Mic mentioned that Blue Gurus does WordPress web site projects ON SITE with clients and typically are done in 4 half-day sessions. Jeffrey mentioned that his web site was old, needed to be updated badly, and that he was frustrated that he didn’t have control over the content when he wanted to make changes to menus, etc.

Mic explained that WordPress solved all of those problems. Before Mic and Missy left after lunch (By the way, the Croque Madame sandwich–and all of their food–is delicious!), Jeffrey agreed to moving forward with Blue Gurus for a new web site.

Oh, and one more “small world” note: While working on the project, Mic and Jason (owner of Blue Gurus) discovered that they had both worked for Jeff’s dad at Godfather’s Pizza in Wichita during their high school years! How crazy is that?

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