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It’s easy to take your voice for granted… until you lose it.

August 3, 2023 / in Business Recommendations, Gadgets, Personal / by

It's easy to take your voice for granted... until you lose it.

Hello friends! You may have noticed it’s been a few weeks since I have put out a video. The reason for that? I caught a bad cold almost 4 weeks ago and quickly lost my voice. Not just a little… I completely lost my voice. I couldn’t speak. Couldn’t answer the phone. Couldn’t order food in a drive thru (even though I shouldn’t be going through drive thrus anyway.)

I had to reschedule a couple of big LinkedIn training sessions. And it has been really hard to do my job effectively with my voice gone.

So it has been about three and half weeks now and my voice is back to about 65-70%. I still have a catch in my speech and I still sound funny… but you can at least understand me now. I am resting my voice as much as I can.

Why not do a traditional blog post?

So this morning I thought to myself, “Self, you could at least do a traditional blog post even though you can’t do a video again this week!” And here we are.

So for this week, here is a roundup of thoughts I have had recently. I share these with you with the hope that it makes you think, laugh or helps you do something better or more efficiently. Here we go:

1) Task Timer

I was watching a video recently that showed a desk top timer you can use to stay focused. And I thought, “You know… I get distracted easily. I should try that.” And I did. I bought one on Amazon.com for $15 (you can get one here if you are interested.)

IT TOTALLY WORKS. I set the timer to 20 or 30 minutes when I sit down to do a task. I can’t check email, answer my phone unless it is an existing client, etc. And knowing that is counting down keeps me focused. I have found that I am getting more accomplished in less time simply by focusing more!

2) Vendor Recommendation

We have been using Lightning Landscape for many years. My entire family uses them for everything from irrigation to landscaping. We recently had a new deck built on our house and you can probably imagine how disruptive a project like that can be for a yard. We have a lot of cleanup to do. And it was time to fix some drainage issues as well.

I highly recommend the people over at Lightning Landscape. They have always come through for us when we have an emergency (like a water leak in the irrigation system and boulder removal when they removed the old deck.)

3) Restaurant Recommendation

If you like Thai Food, and you haven’t tried Pad Thai at 143rd and Metcalf… you need to. The owners are kind and caring people. The food is AMAZING. And it is a bit of a drive for us, but we go there at least once a quarter because their food is so good.

You can see their menu, hours and address info right here.

See you soon!

I will get back to making YouTube videos for you as soon as my voice is 100%. I am thinking another week or two at the most. Thanks for your patience!

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